10.09.2015 12:18 PM

Is the Prime Minister like Adolf Hitler?

The NDP candidate in Oshawa, Mary Fowler, apparently thinks so.  She promoted the crap below on Twitter.

She did that a few weeks ago, so we checked again just before I posted this, to see if she had changed her mind.  She hadn’t.  So: her ongoing and enthusiastic approval of this sort of thing – to be clear, a picture equating Hitler with Harper – is a bloody disgrace.

And, an interesting side note: it was Liberals who sent this to me, not Tories.  They may disagree with Harper, but they think the NDP candidate in Oshawa needs to be making a full retraction and an apology, immediately.  And they’re right.

You can contact Mary Fowler here. Let her know what you think.

Fowler, Hitler Comparison



  1. Vancouverois says:

    Utterly despicable.

    Once again, Harper Derangement Syndrome rears its ugly head. I’m just glad the NDP is (very, very deservedly) down in the polls.

    • Lou says:

      The NDP is a party littered with loose cannons..That has a lot to do with why they constantly self destruct ..There are honest hard working folk in that party ..But their work is undermined by the self righteous meatheads ..Mulclair needs to take some of the blame..if a CPC candidate messed up , they were immediately taken out and “shot” , whereas TM let things slip by.. The Leap manifesto..perfect timing , it couldnt have reflected on the party in a more damaging way , the Klein Klan counted themselves in power and wound up broadsiding the party.. The niqab is NOT a great factor in the NDP demise , Trudeau took basically the same stance and hes bounced back.When MT enacted his centrist “coup” . it left many leary of who and what the NDP really was…Fowler and her ilk have indeed contributed to putting party to its knees , back to 20% , Tom will struggle finding his grin on Oct 20th…

      • Reality.Bites says:

        What you say about the NDP applied equally well to the Reform/Alliance parties. A key factor in Harper’s success was how thoroughly he clamped down on the crazies – I doubt Cheryl Gallant even talks to herself anymore, let alone in anyone’s earshot.

        Of course we didn’t know he was going to clamp down on everyone else too.

        • Vancouverois says:

          Well, it did work. For nine years, at least.

          Possibly more, as we’ll find out in another week+ (ONLY NINE DAYS LEFT OH THANK BOG MAYBE I CAN MAKE IT AFTER ALL).

    • torontonian says:

      But the Liberals are going to need them after October 19. Or vice-versa. So let’s all play nicely and make sure we get rid of the Tory government. (Not that I’m at all excusing the idiotic Harper-Hitler meme. And Harper Derangement Syndrome is found among Liberals too.)

      • terence quinn says:

        My guess here is that the NDP will be mutilated come EDay, Mulcair will immediately resign and Dewar will call for a convention to merge with the Libs or will immediately seek to work with the Libs if Harper has a minority. In my opinion it is becoming more and more likely that JT will have the most seats but no where near a majority. A Dewar led party would strongly want to merge with the Libs.

        • ben burd says:

          Are you f***ing kidding – read the tripe you write

          • Bluegreenblogger says:

            I don’t think he is kidding. And I imagine Dewar will have a much stronger constituency this time. Not that the Liberals would want anything formal.

        • Vancouverois says:

          So the NDP would completely abandon its positions on the Clarity Act, the TPP, and many other topics in order to merge with the Liberals? Really?

          I don’t believe it. Not even if the Conservatives get a majority, much less a minority.

          For that matter, I’m not sure Mulcair will resign even if the NDP ends up third. He has a lot of ego, and a strong will to fight — even against his own party. And the NDP doesn’t have a history of changing leaders after every election, even when they do badly. I say there’s a decent chance he might stay on with an eye to election #43 — which may follow hard upon…

        • torontonian says:

          The NDP will never merge with the Liberals. They’ll go back to being a rump before they do that. There are just too many differences. Even the most utopian among us hope for no more than that they’ll work together.

          • Vancouverois says:

            They also have had considerable influence as a rump party during minority governments. For Dippers who truly care about the issues rather than power for its own sake — which I think is the vast majority of them — they can make more progress by extorting concessions from a minority government than they ever could as a sub-caucus within a merged Lib-NDP party.

            Besides, having now served as Official Opposition, they now must be considered a real national party. Even if they’re knocked back down to third this time, there’s every reason to think they could rise again — and maybe form a minority or even majority government in their own right.

  2. Bart F. says:

    Such people tend to project from self (and the small group around them). They think they are creating converts but only end up hurting their own cause.

    All parties have been victims of candidate social media eff-ups this election. Almost all of the guilty individuals retract and often resign. The defiant doubling down by Fowler is a new wrinkle. Tom Mulcair has a decision to make.

    • Bluegreenblogger says:

      lol, get used to those ‘eff-ups’. Everybody says or does dumb things sometime or other, and someone is always taking a picture or video now. We will be de-sensitized in another year or two. Anybody who does NOT get caught with their figurative pants down is probably way too controlling and creepily focused on ambition.

  3. Maps Onburt says:

    That is just so offensive. I can’t believe how patently dumb the NDP has been. They continue to try to get the ABC vote to Hate Harper and go out of their way to convince conservative minded voters that we are a bunch of uneducated, ignorant redneck racists so have absolutely ZERO chances of picking up any of Harper’s 30+% and then are letting Junior Trudeau paint a picture of sunshine and roses and skate up the left side of their party and take their swing voters. Completely idiotic strategy. Painting Harper as Satan incarnate might have worked when they were a strong number two but now with the Liberals in that position they are just pushing more ABC voters into Trudeau’s waiting arms.

    • terence quinn says:

      Fact is the left is coalescing behind JT and that pisses you off even more than the Hitler analogy. You Harper muppets would drop dead before opening your minds to other options. JT has become the real thing and even though Harper will sling more dirt than that NDP candidate, but without the Hitler try stuff, it will be nasty and a cover up his own failings.

      • Maps Onburt says:

        Did you even read your own post to see the hypocrisy??? Justin may be able to convince people he is ready and win (I don’t believe it) but it is clear he’s acting and being stage managed. How well he does when he has to think without scripts and message control will be another story but I don’t even believe he or any other Canadian politician is remotely in the same universe as Hitler but we get that all the time from you rabid ABC types. You should be ashamed you can’t argue on the facts.

        • Nicole says:

          It is funny that you are saying that Trudeau applying message control is a bad thing when Harper does not speak to anyone without pre-screened questions. He is the master of message control and has managed to do so for years. There is no reason that Trudeau won’t do the same beyond the election. Branding him as the village idiot is a risky move because it is obvious that he has learned to control the “admiration of China” type comments, especially as he has not controlled the media during the campaign to the same extent as Harper and yet there are no new comments of this type to put in attack ads.

          • Maps Onburt says:

            Nicole, Trudeau spoke his heart for years until he got stage managed for the first debates. It’s very easy (for him) to memorize lines and repeat them at the campaign rallies and debates. You could tell in the debates when he was just reciting lines. Some times it wasn’t even on topic. It won’t be so easy if he’s sitting at the table in the G7 meetings. This isn’t just a case of facebookiitis. He’s shown a clear lack of understanding and judgement. I don’t think he’s a dummy or the village idiot. I’m sure we could be friends. That doesn’t make him a PM candidate in my mind. He’s passionate, has toughness and has shown he shouldn’t be underestimated but I certainly don’t think he’s much of a thinker. His Dad was… That’s why it is such a stark difference. I don’t like my PMs to be stage managed by unknown people behind the scenes. I’d rather they were taciturn and blunt about what they want. This hopey changing thing won’t end well.

  4. billg says:

    If she has any integrity she will quit right now.
    Much more can be said, but, she should hold a news conference, beg forgiveness and quit, then, go read, go online and get informed.
    All 3 party’s have some crazy’s, but, this is nothing more then ignorant.

    • OrgCru says:

      “If she has any integrity she will quit right now.” Integrity means correcting and/or explaining herself which she has done. Quitting means giving up. In her eyes and hardcore Democrats’ eyes, she did the right thing by not quitting. Quitting would only give up a seat for Oshawa to the incumbent who has done nothing for the city and to a former city and regional councilor who have only cost the city more money in legal problems and the talk about his home that he no longer owns.

      Much like in your own comments here that I am replying to, a retraction or an explanation would suffice. Got example, your end statement reads as follows:

      -“All 3 party’s have some crazy’s, but, this is nothing more then ignorant.”

      Retraction should read:

      -Some parties (spelling error corrected) have members that are off their rocker (i.e.), but this is nothing more than (notice spelling is corrected again) ignorant.

  5. cassandra says:

    Mary is in good company, there are pics, videos and memes every where on the internet, its not that shocking. But yes for a politician she should probably toe the line:P

  6. Mclind says:

    Warren, good comment. Went with the link to make a comment to this “lady” but just got to invitation to add email address and info to vote for NDP with the leader mug on the screen.
    She must be brought to task for spreading such Nazi hatred. And a Canadian?

  7. P Brenn says:

    I will never understand the flippant use of nazis and the atrocities they perpetrated to describe opponents/organizations that you disagree with in day to day life ….. murderous dictators who systematically try to eliminate entire races , sexes , religions ok …this women is a teacher for heavens sake …run a good hard campaign , throw insults if you want as its a tough game …but there are lines that shouldnt be crossed and this just shows a real ignorance..

  8. lou says:

    And they wonder why they scare off sane voters. Do you really want people like this running a lemonade stand, let alone your future.

    • cassandra says:

      except it wont be her running the country will it. I dunno sometimes I think folks take this a little too seriously. But with that said Harper has given our country away to China, started a racebaiting election issues to make it about us or them….and set up a barbaric practices hotline. Sooooo he is a bad leader and lets not get into the fraud and corruption BS, but yeah whenever voters start mentioning how terrible JT or mulcair would be, I wonder why they dont look at our current leader and his laundry list of terrible decisions/ socially, economically and politically.

      • cgh says:

        “But with that said…”

        With that “yeah, but” you just demolished your own argument. Can always count on the Left for false moral equivalency.

        • cassandra says:

          the left, lol they are the only ones responsible for false equivalency or hyperbole, okie dokie.
          The reality is, Harper is a bad leader, he has extreme ways. MY point wasnt that he is hitler, my point is that folks make this comment…”oh can you imagine trudeau or mulcair running a lemonade stand let alone the govt” and my point isnt that Harper is a fascist dictator, its simply that he sucks as a leader and has made alot of bad economic decisions.
          If I wanted to compare him to hitler I would bring up his days in the national citizens coalition:P

  9. ben burd says:

    If Hitler and the Nazis have now been promoted to evilest of the evil, never mind Pol Pot or the murderers in Rwanda how does one compare evil to evil. Congratulations to the Zionists for such advanced wordsmithing!!

    • Maps Onburt says:

      Wow… blaming how Hitler is portrayed on Zionists.. wow.. And for what it is worth, I’ve seen the ovens in the concentration camps in Europe, the skulls, clothes and bits of bones still surfacing from the killing fields in Cambodia and the criminal court with the details of the Rwandan genocide in Arusha. It isn’t even close. While the other atrocities are unspeakably evil and bring you to tears that humans can be so evil and cruel to each other , they were FAR less organized and much less Global in scale. Progressives that argue that Harper or Conservatives are anything like that are victims to the same tinders that allowed all three of your examples to flourish and justify their atrocities. And before you accuse us of racism and hatred of Muslims (And I won’t argue that there are a few in our ranks that do have it) how about you consider that most of us Canadians who hate the idea of the burka and the niquab simply hate how they are visible symptoms of how women in those societies are visibly oppressed. We will not stand idly by and let this happen in our country BECAUSE we believe with every bone in our bodies that Muslim women have the same rights as Muslim or any other man. That doesn’t make us racist. We just think that there is a difference between a women’s right to dress how she wants and her right to be actually equal in her own eyes and that symbols of male oppression are wrong and have no place in a firming your right to join our Canadian community. I’d make the same argument against the KKK. It makes you hypocrites to think otherwise.

  10. George says:

    Godwin’s law strikes again.

    I live in Toronto-Danforth. I self-identify as “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” – kind of a “libertarian light” in the sense that I like public utilities etc but generally want minimal government intervention in the lives of citizens and think that people need to take ownership for decisions they make in life (while recognizing that there is no level playing field to influence choices). I would be either a red Tory or a blue Grit.

    Needless to say, many of my neighbours (and good friends) in the area are strong NDP or left-wing Liberal supporters and vehemently disagree with my economic views….we have spirited discussions over beers about stuff all the time, and have for years – and we’re all friends and will always remain friends, even if after the party my wife says to me in bed “wow, George, I can’t believe they think that way”…to which I usually say “Yes, but they can’t believe we think the way we do…at least we both have logical and reasonable arguments for our respective, but different, points of view.”

    Anyone comparing Harper (or Trudeau, or Mulcair) to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc needs therapy, because they are mentally ill. The fact this idiot is a teacher is further cause for concern, we don’t need our children being programmed by people who can’t comprehend the stupidity of their actions.

    /rant off

    Kudos to Warren for exposing this nonsense, it has no place in the wonderful country we call Canada – for all of its flaws, our Country (and it’s system of government) is still superior to any other place I’ve been – and, whether Harper, Trudeau or Mulcair win, it isn’t the end of the world. Everyone needs to take a chill pill.

    • Scott says:

      Sorry George, most people using those terms are definitely not mentally ill. They are just using a gross exaggeration. I suggest you take your own medicine and try a chill pill.

      • George says:

        Scott, I (sort of) agree with you.

        Perhaps it was the one-too-many Amsterdam Boneshakers I enjoyed last night (7.1% ABV) but my comments were offensive to those who are mentally ill (and that hits close to home, as I have a bipolar sibling) and also had the stench of hyperbole.

        Consider the “chill pill” taken.

        Anyone who compares the leader of a liberal democracy (or any of his similar-minded opponents – let’s face it, Harper JT and Mulcair are all pretty middle-of-the-road) to one of the great monsters of our time isn’t fit for public office, period.

  11. Sophia says:

    This is obviously doctored. It says 4 favourites, but there are six pictures. This is not real. It’s clearly doctored.

  12. Liam Young says:

    Yeah, an election campaign is no place for the truth.

  13. Jack D says:

    Tell us again how the NDP is “ready to govern”.

    Imagine what a front bench of this party would look like, Mary Fowler explaining the holocaust to Alex Johnstone while drawing parallels to Stephen Harper.

    The intellect is strong with this party.

    • Jon says:

      Generalizing to the party as a whole is a silly thing to do.

      We’ve had Cons peeing in cups and making prank phone calls while imitating people with disabilities, while Liberals advocated for marijuana use during pregnancy and the 9/11 truth movement. Who knows what we’d dig up on the Greens if they were relevant enough to be more heavily vetted by the public.

      It remains true that there are incredibly smart people in all the major parties, along with the duds.

      • Jack D says:

        Oh, I absolutely agree. In fact I should have put a caveat in my remarks and clarified that smart (and dumb) people exist in all parties. For example, Paul Dewar is an exceptional NDP MP and a politician who actually knows how to utilize his intelligence as opposed to his partisanship.

        That said, lets take into consideration that those situations you have referenced have now resulted in booted candidates from their respective parties, these NDP candidates still remain on. The fact that Pat Martin or Alex Johnstone are still allowed to carry the NDP’s banner on October 19 shows a bit of a double standard that seems to be pervading in the NDP logic. I’m the last person to ever sympathize with the Conservatives, but on the same day a candidate in the GTA made a controversial remark about homosexuality it came to light that an NDP candidate made remarks along the exact same lines. Both of those candidates apologized, only one of them were kicked out of their party.

        So I think its fair to criticize the candidacy depth of the NDP when they prefer to retain candidates that probably wouldn’t stay on with other parties if the circumstances were reversed. Yes, there are good and bad apples in all parties; but the trick is to keep the good ones and toss the bad ones.

        • Jon says:

          I’ll give you that, I think we’re on the same page. The NDP held onto candidates that should have been canned. I wonder if it was in part a response to the Con strategy – per meetthendp.ca – to discredit the party by taking on individuals. ie. Was there a calculation that they would feed a major attack against them by turning candidates away?

  14. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    I think the two most surprising things about this campaign have been:

    1. The relative normality of the party leaders.
    2. The niqhab insanity vs the Harper Derangement insanity.

    The more ordinary our leaders become, the more shrill the calls for their undoing.

  15. KBab says:

    You know, there are similarities, that can’t be denied, and, admittedly, we also share 99% percent of our DNA with chimpanzees, so, it can be an easy game to play. But, aside from the obvious horrific differences, there are similarities: complete disrespect for political institutions and democracy replete with a continuous attempt to undermine such, pitting races and religions against one another for political gain, making a fetish of the military, backing corporations while pretending to stand for the people, telling Big Lies and rolling out a huge propaganda machine, autocratic rule, creating a personality cult…

    Also, when talking politics with friends, family and sometimes strangers, that is a comparison that is often made. And these are not irrational people making them, they are not ideologues or cranks, they are middle of the road and sensible.

    That such a comparison is so ubiquotious should tell us something. There is something to it. But no, Harper is not Hitler.


  16. JohnB says:

    When was the screen cap taken? The tweet is obviously from May 23 but are you suggesting she retweeted this? The post is a bit unclear.

  17. B-Rile says:

    Between her and that moron in Hamilton, if, God forbid, the FNDP were to form a government, Mulcair would have a hard time selecting a Minister of Holocaust Denial……..

  18. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This isn’t about Harper anymore (even though he should meet your lawyer and sue her ass), it’s now about the rapidity of Mulcair’s judgment. This is his nuclear bomb moment.

  19. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Those of center left persuasion would do well to distance themselves from the HDS crowd, (for whom I believe our host has little tolerance or patience.) This kind of vitriolic, spitting hatred has become far too much a part of left wing politics. It’s ugly, disgusting, and it’s completely intolerable and indefensible.

    When it gets to the point that the left becomes identifiable as one and the same with this crap, it makes it pretty easy for a considerable number to make up their minds about how to vote in order to keep this mentality as far as possible from the reins of power.

    • VC says:

      Al, the left doesn’t have a monopoly on crazy. It’s all over the spectrum.

      • Maps Onburt says:

        Agreed but the HDS crowd aren’t even in the same ballpark as the occasional nutcase like Rob Anders on the conservative side. The vitriol is unprecedented in Canadian politics. Read the the stuff coming from Michael Harris, Naomi Kline and even Margaret Atwood , and the HATE is palpable. Junior’s Dad stirred up a lot of passion and many of us thought he was destroying Canada and sympathizing with our enemies but never for a second did we equate him with Hitler or the NAZIs.

        • Vancouverois says:

          And Trudeau Sr reportedly even paraded around the streets of Montreal in a German helmet, once upon a time.

          • Maps Onburt says:

            I knew someone would bring that up but I don’t think anybody thought he was a NAZI sympathizer for it. I suspect he was doing his draft dodger bit. It WAS hugely offensive especially to those of that best generation that actually fought and died.

        • Mike says:

          Maps you are not adding to the level of discourse by continually referring to Justin Trudeau as Junior. It is meant to belittle and serves no useful purpose.

  20. Jack D says:

    Hey Warren, I accidentally double posted.

    My comment was in reply to Jon. You can delete the one general comment I made at the bottom here.

  21. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Rumor now is that the Turks just shot down a Russian fighter jet in their air space…


    Not likin’ this, not one bit!

    • Al in Cranbrook says:

      I’m hoping Express.co.uk is as unreliable as it appears at second glance. We’ll find out soon enough I guess.

    • Bluegreenblogger says:

      It’s entirely credible. Turkey has shot down a number of Syrian jets and helicopters that violated their airspace recently. Domestic politics there is fueling aggression in every direction. Armed intruders getting shot is acceptable though, so it is Russia that has to do some explaining. Personally, I think this is the mission of the Russians. To get themselves shot at. More domestic political considerations, & stirring the pot.

  22. patrick says:

    Was it Hanna Arendt who claimed that all the leaders she met were the same no matter the spectrum, democratic to fascist? They all bore the same character in terms of ego, vanity and self delusion of righteousness. To be fair the better comparison is to Mussolini, a pure corporatist at heart with a delusional sense of leading a society’s transformation. But really it is just a quibble, since most of the leaders, from Reagan to Thatcher to Bush to Berlusconi to Putin to Harper would have functioned most happily and successfully in a fascist state, comfortable in a defined, controlled, ideologically driven environment, with absolute values, that soothed their loathing fears of “others” and “them” and really the world at large and perpetuated their delusional self aggrandizement. None of them have brought happiness to the world, or made it a better place. They have all stoked and exploited fear as a means to an end. They have sown seeds of discord and climbed on that vitriol to power. They have all served the few over the many while stating the exact opposite. They would all lead us over a cliff to oblivion serene in the absolute correctness of their ugly, petulant and cowardly view of the world. Harper’s just like Hitler? Of course he is, that’s the gene pool choice that’s the gene pool choice of the few who want to rule the many.

  23. Vancouverois says:

    I’m disturbed by the fact that Ms Fowler was reading this @DavidMorrison17’s Twitter feed in the first place. His feed is absolutely full of similar posts repeating this offensive comparison. And he seems to tweet on this theme every few minutes.

  24. Vancouverois says:

    Well, it seems that Ms Fowler is now claiming she favourited the tweet “by accident”:


    When you checked with her, is it possible she didn’t understand what you were referring to? Is there any room for good faith misunderstanding here, or is she flat out lying?

  25. Peter says:

    I was behind the Conservatives 100 per cent on the niqab issue. I have no quarrel with crucifixes, turbans, kippas, headscarves, ceremonial daggers or any other manifestation of religious observance in the public square. The concealment of one’s face, however, is a qualitatively different matter and among other things signals a total disregard if not contempt for societal norms in a western democracy.
    Then they went and blew it with the announcement of a “barbaric cultural practices” snitch line. Dangerous, stupid race-baiting. You could hear the back-roomies chortling among themselves, as if to say, “Woo hoo! Got a winner with this stuff! Let’s dial it up some more!” Despicable, and it knocks the legs out from what, to this conservative, was otherwise a perfectly legitimate public policy issue. I have no idea how I’ll cast my ballot now.

    • Bluegreenblogger says:

      That’s peculiar. I have lived in this particular western democracy for half a century. I am very surprised to learn that there is a ‘societal norm’ for citizenship oath taking that specifically targets visibly muslim women. When did this norm evolve? It seems that it is the exact OPPOSITE of the norms of 5 years ago. I thought it was plain old fashion race-baiting. Silly me.

    • Vancouverois says:

      I agree, the snitch line disgusts me, even though I prefer to believe they wouldn’t actually do it.

      Then I remember how just a few weeks ago, some Harper’s opponents were trying to pretend he was responsible for toddler Alan Kurdi drowning. And how he supposedly is a traitor who has sold us to China (which will have to compete with the US, because he supposedly sold us out to them first). And how he’s a religious fanatic who’s going to criminalize abortion and ban gay marriage. And all the other total crap that HDS sufferers spew with such vitriol. There is nothing that makes me give Harper the benefit of the doubt than the example of how vilely the HDS crowd has slandered him and his supporters in the past.

      And I am utterly repelled at the thought of the HDS crowd gloating obscenely and pretending that his losing the election would validate every piece of slanderous garbage they’ve ever said about him and the Canadians who vote for him.

  26. doconnor says:

    The trouble with Hitler is that it makes it difficult accuse someone of campaigning by using fear of a religous or ethnic group without implying they support a holocaust.

  27. Derek Pearce says:

    Comparing him to the Stasi is perfectly legit. He wants us to spy on our neighbours and report them to a special snitch line. That’s some creepy shit. I don’t think he’s a Nazi, but he sure is acting like a Death Eater.

  28. cassandra says:

    harper derangement syndrome, (HDS) soon to have a pill developed….but meanwhile what about the real problem democracy in canada has….Steven stockholm syndrome, (SSS)
    its real and it sadly has no cure.

    • The Doctor says:

      Well, clearly if somebody supports a political party you don’t like, that person is a brainwashed automaton with no power of independent thought.

  29. P Brenn says:

    in paper today she said “favorited” the posting in error as she is a “twit”er newby…how long did it take for her to pull it…once she was aware wouldnt you find a twitter engineer and pull it?

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