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KCCCC Day 68: the day in tweets


  • It’s cold, it’s wet, I’m sick of this election, and I’m sore from lifting a dock (long story, etc.): So here is your KCCCC day in tweets.  You’re welcome.



  1. Matt says:

    Your reason for tweeting (or was it a re-tweet?) of an Oshawa graph with results from the 2000 election showing the Liberals at 42, CPC at 15 and NDP at 11?

    Cheecky shot at the pollisters, or………..

    • Warren says:

      Dippers were using years-old data in a tab wrap yesterday. Oshawa Grits gave ’em a taste of their own medicine!

      • Jack D says:

        Dippers pull all sorts of shit like than these days.

        Making up these garbage infographic showing how they’re the government in waiting and stuff. Claiming they only need a handful of seats to defeat Harper, apparently not realizing how an election works in Canada.

        Now we have that clown Peter Julian bitching about reporter not showing the “real” polls.

        I don’t know whether to laugh or to shake my head in disappointment.

  2. Matt says:

    To all the media and partisans here (myself included) who breathlessly talk endlessly about the polls, this should make everyone think.

    Gallup, which essentially invented political polling in the 1930’s has announced they will NOT be doing any “horse race” polling during the Republican and Democratic primaries, and may even sit out the 2016 Presidential election all together. Why?

    “Gallup, which has been tracking presidential races since 1936, says ongoing methodological problems prompted the global firm to abandon horse race polling on the current United States presidential primaries and may keep it out of the 2016 presidential election.

    Gallup’s decision reflects one of those modern political realities that everyone knows and everyone ignores.

    Political horse race polls are an inexact science and they’re getting more difficult to get right, rather than less so, with the advance of 21st century information technology.”

      • Scott says:

        Gallup are the dinosaur of polling firms. They have been out of whack for many years. They are finally mercifully pulling out. I think the bigger story should be how so many people were coming down on Nanos when it’s looking like he is ahead of the curve when it comes to polling.

        • Matt says:

          Well, Nanos too has seen his numbers fluctuating. Four plus point Liberal lead on Sunday and Monday, downt to 1.9 yesterday, up to 3 today with the last 2 inside the MOE. His provincials are also going up and dowm. An 11 point Liberal lead in Ontario on Oct 4, 5, 6 down to around 5 on Oct 7th (didn’t see today’s regionals).

          Yes, other pollsters are showing the Libs edging to the lead nationally or at least statistically tied with the CPC, but as you yourself said last week when some were showing big CPC leads, the data is old. They’re all, save Nanos and now EKOS who is also doing nightly polls three day reports, using data from Oct 5 to 7. Even Mainstreets who released today showing a statistical tie nationally and a 7 point Liberal lead in Ontario were in the fiels October 6 and 7.

          Interesting point from EKOS in their analysis. They are also doing combined landline and cell. Those contacted on cell are less likely to vote CPC – BUT they are also less likely to actually vote.

  3. Joe says:

    You know the election is too long when you start seeing lawn signs saying “I VOTE CBC”. I didn’t even know CBC had a candidate on the ballot…..

  4. Jeff says:

    Re: Liberals angry about Islamophobe-baiting should study history.

    So what? Ignatieff was in favour. So what? What has that got to do with anything? Wrong is wrong. Race-baiting is race-baiting. The Liberals have changed leaders. But even if they hadn’t changed leaders, and even if Ignatieff was still the leader:

    – Mulcair was pro-TPP in August.
    – McGuinty was for funding private schools in 1999.
    – Harper was pro-Trudeau in 1981.
    – Joe Strummer grew up a huge Beatles fan.
    – The Liberals fought against free trade with the U.S. in 1988 and for it in 1911.
    – The Tories fought against free trade in 1911 and for it in 1988.
    – the Republicans were way out ahead of the Democrats on being progressive on race issues in the 19th century, and well into the 20th in many places
    – Saul of Tarsus “breathed threats of murder” against the early Christian community.

    Big deal. Ignatieff was wrong. You are brilliant, and a lawyer. You have studied logical argumentation, and you know that Ignatieff’s dumb position in 2010 has nothing to do with anything, and that Liberals, and non-racists, or at least people unwilling to go there for the sake of winning, have every reason to be angry and to attack it mercilessly as what it is. So why do you not come out and condemn Harper’s race-baiting rather than say “Ignatieff sort of said it too”?

    • Warren says:

      The point is that Trudeau was part of Ignatieff’s caucus and did not say word one about the issue back then. He did not disagree with Ignatieff, in any way shape or form. Anybody but you, apparently, sees that as significant. Don’t be an asshole.

      • Ian Turnbull says:

        Warren, your newly married life appears to be making you a more tolerant person…in the past you would have responded with just your last sentence.

      • doconnor says:

        Caucus members are discouraged from publicly disagreeing with the leader. I’m sure lots of caucus members disagree with their leader on lots of different issues.

        • Vancouverois says:

          But if this really is as important an issue as Trudeau and his supporters are pretending now — if it’s really a central matter of principle, of standing up against racism — then Trudeau should have said something, Leader or no.

          Just as — if this really were a matter of principle — he should have condemned the Liberal Party of Quebec’s proposed legislation on the niqab months ago.

          The fact that he has remained silent in both these cases indicate pretty strongly that his supposedly strong and principled stance is nothing more than politics.

      • bobbie says:

        Great points WK.

  5. Kenz0s says:

    note to self: go to Twitter, Follow Janii Stadelmaaan immediately.

  6. Cory says:

    Don’t forget that the current Liberal government in Quebec has introduced legislation on the niqab which is almost exactly what Harper is proposing and neither Justin nor Mulclair said a word about it.

    I’d love to see the media as them if as PM they would support a constitutional challenge against the QC niqab legislation.

  7. Rich says:

    I am now addicted to this site. Here I get more interesting and accurate information about the election race than anywhere else I have found. The insight from Warren and those who comment here is invaluable…..it’s a gold mine.
    Thanks to all and keep up the fine work.

  8. Kelly says:

    Well, there is polling then there is the polling business. They are not the same thing.

  9. Jack D says:

    Serious question, does anyone actually believe that Ezra Levant is a sane person?

    Partisanship aside, I think there are many other Conservatives that could better articulate arguments on a variety of different issues for the centre-right of the political spectrum –Ezra is definitely not one of them. Sometimes when I read this guy’s Twitter feed I feel like he’s trolling Canada but people actually take him seriously.

    There are some things that I do agree with Ezra on. For example, his criticism of the new NDP Health Minister in Alberta and the double standard that exists when it comes to making comments of physical appearances, vis-a-vis, weight issues. I thought it was a fair point to bring up and didn’t deserve to be dismissed as sexist.

    But in the same breath Ezra goes straight to Muslims=ISIS and anyone who disagrees is a jihadist. How do you even debate a person that jumps to such an extreme at breakneck speeds?

  10. James Smith says:

    Why can’t we just decide our elections with a best of 7 Hockey Series?

  11. ottlib says:

    Well, rum is the only thing that has sustained me during this election.

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