10.29.2015 09:44 AM

My Post City column on Trudeaumania in T.O.

Found here.



  1. Matt says:

    “Many, many seats changed hands, principally benefitting the Liberals — they took nearly 90 from the Conservatives, and almost 60 from the New Democrats.”

    The Libs took “only” around 59 from the CPC.

    I think the CPC had 158 at the time Parliament was dissolved.

  2. cs says:

    trudeau, came off as genuine, real and human. I think that carried him farther then the political maneuverings of Harper and Mulcair.

  3. cgh says:

    True enough that this generation’s Trudeaumania has attracted supporters. It also includes some that maybe you suspect you might not want.

    ISIS supporters see this as a clear victory for them.

  4. Bill Templeman says:

    Warren, you make solid 3 points in your Post City piece. No dispute, you are right on the money. But if you were to add a 4th point, would it not have to be that strategic voting finally got its Class G driver’s license in this election? So many people I met at the doors and and on the phones said they were undecided until late in the campaign. The ABC vote started coalescing around Trudeau on Thanksgiving weekend, no?

  5. Derek Pearce says:

    What part of “we’re staying there to train the rebels” don’t you understand? C’mon tough boy, let’s talk military tactics and policy. If feels good to throw down a bomb from 30000 ft every couple of weeks but makes zero practical difference. Boots on the ground, boots on the ground. No western country is willing to do that so all your talk is pure fluffing.

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