10.21.2015 07:09 AM

The mayor of Montreal owes me royalties

As seen here!

Not really, actually.  As in rock’n’roll, everything in politics has been done before.  I’m sure that 15-year-old “Flintstones is not a documentary line” had been used before by someone else – the first time I can recall it being uttered, I think, was in an LPC meeting with Karl Littler and others, and everyone thought it was funny.  So I used it on CTV.

Anyway, if my friend Denis Coderre wants to use it, he should.  It still gets a laugh.


It’s not coming up with a line that’s important. It’s finding someone crazy enough to say it.



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  1. Ron says:

    I first saw that line used in Lewis Black’s “Red, White and Screwed” and thought it was funny too.

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