11.05.2015 03:23 PM

And, to commemorate the Guy who tried to blow up Parliament…

…we will pick up the pieces and meet in Parliament to pick our next, er, Guy! (Or, if they’re smart, gal.)


  1. KBab says:

    Yes. I thought that was rather funny.

    That makes 2015 the official year of political Irony.

  2. JonT says:

    New CPC theme song: ♫ “Blow Me Up”


  3. JonT says:

    FLASH NEWS …… Rona Ambrose will be grilling PM Justin on her QP frying pan …. Rona A, the Leader of the OOP (and PM-in-waiting?) ……. go girl, goooooo

    • Matt says:

      No, not the PM in waiting.

      As with the NDP and Liberal races, the interim leader not will not be allowed to run for permanent leader.

  4. Matt says:

    Well, they did indeed pick a “gal”, just not sure it was the right one.

    Rona Ambrose is the new interim Conservative leader.

  5. Student501 says:

    How appropriate….Remember, remember the 5th of November….

  6. Matt says:

    Not exactly a great start for Ambrose – Fist question put to her was asked in French. She began to answer in English.

    Got two words out when the reporters said something then she switched to French.

    So, lesson #1 – Answer the question in the language it was asked, then if necessary go back and repeat the answer in the other official language.

    It was smart to choose a woman……. although I’m not sure the chose the right woman.

  7. Kevin says:

    Lisa Raitt’s pretty impressive- too bad she wasn’t much interested. But as Liberal as I am, I wish Ms. Ambrose all the best.

    • Matt says:

      She wasn’t interested in the INTERIM leadership as it would have excluded her from going after the permanent leadership.

      Pretty sure she’ll put her hat in the ring.

      Kellie Leitch is also rumoured to be interested and reportedly has recruited Warren’s pal Nick Kouvalis to help her.

    • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      I see Lisa running for the (non interim) leadership.

  8. Ted H says:

    Well you know what they used to say about Rona when she was first elected “Nice Hair”.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      But in Trudeau’s case it’s actually true. 😉

      Anyway, she has a tough and thankless job ahead of her, like all interim leaders.

      I wonder if, as with Bill Graham and Bob Rae, this means she’s planning an exit from electoral politics once a permanent leader is chosen.

  9. fan590 says:

    Do any of you people here actually go to meetings and get togethers with people from the various parties?

    Of course it’s Amborse…for the time being. Because JT is popular with women so it was a pure political calculation for a SHORT TERM leader.

    Then JK rolls in.

  10. fan590 says:

    Sorry, typo: Ambrose

    Very talented and actually could be a good PM.

    However, just a gate-keeper according to many of the Conservatives I’ve spoken with today.

  11. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    They are intent on staying in the political wilderness: first, by not choosing the strongest candidate for interim leader. If we’re talking reform that doesn’t mean Rona Ambrose, a so-so minister with a penchant for the old disastrous Harper ways — Madam Two Questions. They should have picked the strongest candidate willing to make a clean break with Harper.

    They need to get it in their heads — Harper didn’t blow them out of the water in 2015. He did that in 2011 when HE set the direction for their majority government. He did it to himself. The seeds of defeat were sown then and there.

  12. Jack D says:

    Rona’s election to interim leader by her caucus pretty much guarantees Jason Kenney’s success for leadership.

    To be honest, I’m kind of surprised that the caucus would choose Ambrose over Finley. I really thought Finley had this in the bag.

    Ambrose as interim-leader has to be one of the most reactionary decisions the Conservatives could’ve made. They were getting hammered with questions about their tone during the election and were facing a substantial task of how they would combat Trudeau’s post-election glowing appeal. So, it seems they decided to go with their version of “nice hair” to try and appeal to people. What’s going to happen is the party membership will already get a feel for what its like having a young female leader and end up defaulting to whats familiar in Kenney –case in point: Ontario PC. With candidates like Kellie Leitch, Lisa Raitt and (possibly) Michelle Remple running for leadership, Kenney will look more Prime-Ministerial by contrast. I don’t mean this is as a disregard toward these women, its just that after having Stephen Harper at the helm for so long, the party will still have a natural inclination towards the only kind of leader they know and thats Jason Kenney because he will resemble Harper so much.

    For interim, they should’ve picked Finley instead. She’s experienced, well respected within her party and would’ve been able to assist in the rebuilding and fundraising for the party while being able to keep her caucus from fracturing; she could’ve been a mother-like figure that would’ve helped the party heal and transition into a new era. Remember, this caucus has it hammered into their heads that Trudeau is “just not ready” because of his age, lack of experience and perceived inability to lead. With Rona Ambrose, you can bet that this male dominated caucus will transfer those same judgements to her.

  13. P Brenn says:

    AS with JT ..lets give the women a chance in the role…

  14. Bluegreenblogger says:

    Hmm. It is not Guy Fawkes that is commemorated annually, it is the foiling of the gunpowder plot that is celebrated. Was that what you meant?

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