11.11.2015 07:40 PM

Dear Canadaland: don’t be idiots

What’s next? Trolling birthday parties and bar mitzvahs to see which public office holders dare to raise a toast?

Take it from that Kinsella guy: scandals-schmandals.


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    KBab says:

    Ya really, so Mansbridge can’t have a life and friends.

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    Kaplan says:

    This may not be a conflict of interest, but it sure doesn’t feel right. In fact, feels like you have to work harder to explain why it isn’t a conflict than why it is.

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    Jack D says:

    Ahh, yes –the boundlessly talented journalism of Jesse Brown.

    Jesus Christ, what a load of shit.

    I know Canadaland is trying to be the new ground breaking media outlet but this is just beyond pathetic. First of all, it looks as if these pictures were meant to prove an alien sighting not to verify the guests present at a wedding.

    Second of all, what exactly is Jesse Brown trying to prove with these pictures, that Mansbridge is guilty by association? Who is he, J Edger Hoover? I’m amazed how this is supposed to pass as an investigative piece.

    Third; its fairly obvious that Brown has a vendetta with the CBC. Which is sad because he had an opportunity to start something new for Canada yet has chosen to blind himself to real journalism and embark on score-settling crusading instead.

    This is not only insulting to Mansbridge but to Kate Purchase and her family. Something that should have been a private moment that was meant to be shared amongst family and friends is not being trotted in a tabloid-esque manner.

    Credibility and integrity –lost, Jesse Brown.

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    Matt says:

    I find the Bruce Anderson connection more interesting to be honest.

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    ian turnbull says:

    I don’t know why there is any debate regarding “conflict” and Mansbridge/CBC. Trudeau offered his employer an additional $150M/year in government grants if elected. Mansbridge’s political analyst’s daughter was given a key job in Trudeau’s office once elected. In my mind there was nothing wrong with any of this because it was all public information. There is no scandal. However, it shouldn’t be news to people that money and/or your child’s career put’s someone in conflict. I don’t judge the Mansbridge or Anderson for caring about their careers or their daughters. It would be stranger if they didn’t care. I thought people just accepted this and moved on.

    The only thing I find funny is Anderson announcing he is stepping down now that his daughter is Director of Communications because of the perceived conflict. So serving as a TV panelist during an election campaign where if one party wins a family member will get a huge boost to their career is not a perceived conflict however once the election is over, the winner decided and your family member gets the job, you do the noble thing and resign.

    OK. Once again these are interesting times.

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      m5slib says:

      Yea, but his bro/business partner worked for the CPC during the same election. So if he were going to be biased his choices would be family or family/money. He always seems decent in his analysis, so that’s where it should end.

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    Terence Quinn says:

    Fact is the Liberals do more to make sure their enemies list is much smaller than the tories who seemed to cultivate such a list. Fact is that several major papers still endorsed Harper to win and all were given a middle finger salute by the voters.
    The press is an integral part of the Ottawa scene and friendships will develop but will not influence Canadians vote intentions that much.

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    DougM says:

    I don’t read/know Canadaland, but scandal? No. However Mansbridge lost credibility a long time ago. For me it was when he tried to stop clips from his interview with Justin Trudeau being used under fair use.

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    Liam Young says:

    Yeah, I know. I admit this makes it look like he’s trying a little too hard. But at least he’s trying and he’s not narrating the latest load of PR from the (ex) PMO or their corporate media chums. I think the biggest fear that most reporters had after the election is that they’d have to pick up a microphone and note book again and actually get off their asses to do some real work.

    And let’s face it … Peter Mansbridge’s credibility HAS taken a hit by being everyone’s gate keeper. Is that right?

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    SG says:

    Peter Mansbridge has, in my opinion, been pretty even-handed over the course of his career, although I do recall his rather obvious glee in 2000 when the Chretien Liberals nearly swept Ontario to win a majority.

    However his fawning behind-the-scenes portrait of Trudeau prior to his swearing-in but a bit too stomach-churning for my taste.

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    Elisabeth Lindsay says:

    It looked like it was a bit too stomach churning for Trudeau`s taste also.

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