11.02.2015 10:30 AM

Elections Canada: third quarter fundraising numbers

From regular reader Matt:

  • CPC $10,082,104.44
  • NDP $9,141,935.75
  • Libs $7,285,190.19

My prediction? These will change, rather dramatically.


  1. ERNIE LUSTIG says:

    It shows money does not always talk. The NDP out moneyed us by about 2 mil. Hard to believe.

    • doris says:

      kinda makes one wonder where that money went sure as hell didn’t go on ads the libs were all over the airwaves in comparison to the tired old Beardy alternative

  2. Kenz0s says:

    Look, you don’t have the nerdy look or a skinny enough frame. You are altogether too handsome to star in the new “Captain Obvious” ads. So give it up, eh.

  3. DougM says:

    I’m not sure they will. In fact I would hazard a guess that while totals may go down, the levels with respect to each other won’t change much. For the most part it is a party’s base that donates and each party’s base is still at historical numbers.

  4. Brendan says:

    It looks to me like the LPC was elected by the proletariat.

  5. fan590 says:

    Shows me a lot people thought the NDP could have won.

    I’ve heard some chatter from Dipper friends recently they “always expected” this to be a Harper minority and didn’t expect to “win” this time.

    In other news, any comments on the new Star Trek series news?

  6. Jack D says:

    My gut tells me that the Dippers are in for another huge disappointment.

    Not to mention that the party will likely have to start dipping into its own funding to reimburse those MPs who will have their severances clawed back.

    Things are just not looking up for the NDP and it doesn’t seem like they will for another few years.

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      do you really think they will still get screwed? They didn’t do anything wrong.

      • Jack D says:

        Are you referring to the satellite expenses scandal? –Because “they didn’t do anything wrong” is entirely debatable.

        If you’re referring to the grim outlook for the NDP going into the future, I think its pretty much a given that they will continue to feel the chills of election 42 well into this 4 year Liberal mandate. Fundraising will almost definitely sink for the 4th quarter as voters no longer feel a need to fill the coffers of the NDP after their deflation in the polls. This is going to make their fourth quarter lower than the other 2 parties.

        • Bluegreenblogger says:

          Well anybody too partisan to respect the truth might think it debatable. I don’t really. It is like the senate spending. You may not like it, but by now it is pretty obvious that the Senate rules are no different from the Commons rules. They are crafted to allow maximum latitude to how our reps spend their office and constituency budgets. There is NO WAY that any one Party had or has a monopoly on skinning that cat alive. A similar inquiry into Conservative, or Liberal uses would uncover equally legal, but smelly disbursements. Personally, I think the Satellite offices is actually a great way for them to spend their budgets. It gives them a well resourced office to share, rather than a scattering of ‘temporary’ offices with limited resources. ALL party’s spend that dough for electoral political purposes , why not spend it well?

  7. Terence Quinn says:

    My understanding is that in the first weeks of October up to just before EDay the Liberal fund raising numbers were off the wall as the bandwagon jumpers joined in. At my riding level that was true from about mid September.

  8. bluegreenblogger says:

    I disagree about any big changes to those numbers. The Dippers may fall back a bit, the Liberals may advance a bit, based upon holding power and the assumption amongst donors that access can be paid for. Once you account for the election bump, these numbers look sustainable to me. The Conservatives are not going to disappear. They know their donors like no others. The dippers have been doing a great job of fundraising, building a big database, and the Liberals, probably the weakest of the three have just topped up their database with scads of new donors and contacts. I would guess the Liberals will be top fundraisers in 2016, and the Dippers and Conservatives will be neck and neck not so very far behind. By the time we get to the next election, all three party’s will be itching to raise spending limits.

  9. RogerX says:

    CPC = $10 million
    Liberal + NDP = $16 million
    Money talks ……

  10. Maps Onburt says:

    The Liberals will get unofficial and unrecorded from buying off the Public Sector Unions with taxpayer money just like they do in Ontario. The actual dollars they raise is just a smoke screen.

  11. Bluegreenblogger says:

    Matt did not provide the GPC number. $2,050,843.37 for the third quarter. I mention it because it demonstrates a number of things. Firstly, that the GPC’s reliance on issues based fundraising is working way better than even the Conservatives tightly scripted pitches. If you want to know where all that money comes from, it is from Democratic reformers, attracted to the GPC petitions calling for Elizabeth May to be in the debates, proportional representation, STV’s etc. It comes from people who are deeply invested in policy prescriptions, which is the GPC’s strong suit (good policy that is). They get good effective conversion pieces that pull donations. Learn the lessons folks! There are much more effective ways to ‘do’ politics than tradition allows. The GPC is kicking ass on the fundraising front. Nobody ever told them how to raise money, so they had to figure it out themselves. And they do it better. So learn or lose.

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