11.01.2015 09:32 AM

The force is strong in this one, unfortunately

I mean, seriously: what nine-year-old knows stuff like this? What nine-year-old cares about stuff like this?

When I was nine, my interests were (a) finding mint Wayne Cashman hockey cards (b) completing my fort in the back yard (c) persuading Patti Donnelly to play doctor in our crawlspace.

Welcome to Toronto, where $14,000 worth of lumber and a patch of dirt will get you $1.5 million.  And nosy, irritating nine-year-olds dressed (appropriately) like Star Wars stormtroopers on Halloween.


  1. Student501 says:

    Real Estate agents, it’s in their blood…

  2. Bluegreenblogger says:

    lol, I have a good one. I opened the door on two little ones, girl about 8, boy about 6. First thing out of her mouth: ‘What does socialising mean?’ pointing to the ‘no soliciting’ sign I forgot about 10 years ago. ‘It is soliciting, and that means no asking for anything. But halloween doesn’t count.” I reply. She looks relieved and says ‘trick or treat’.

  3. Houland Wolfe says:

    True story: what do porn stars become when they retire? Real estate agents. That explains why most realtors are better looking than the buyers and sellers.

  4. cs says:

    star wars mini-realestate agent, was probably parroting something he heard at home, lol. Kinsella, he paid….for his house, could have been worse/
    He could have informed you that due to a mould issue you got shafted/

  5. Dork in East York says:

    Beaches kid? Beaches kid.

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