11.12.2015 08:39 AM

When the whining and mewling finally gets to me

This is what happens:

Also this:


  1. Sherry Bellamy says:

    It’s the Illuminati. And chemtrails. Agenda 21! Justin controls everything now, so basically, we’re hooped.

    (You know what’s scary? Some people will think I’m serious.)

  2. Maps Onburt says:

    Along the lines of “every new leader gets one” I’d add that this is because they haven’t yet had to make any hard decisions and that everyone projects on to them their hopes, and aspirations. It’s only when the rubber actually meets the road and the leader has to start making decisions one way or another that the people who don’t like those decisions start to fall off. Frankly where he’s at in the polls right now or even 45 months from now is irrelevant. He’s got a solid mandate and unless he somehow loses 15 existing Liberals in byelections before then AND the confidence of the house (which no thinking person thinks is remotely possible), he can do pretty much what ever he wants within reason what ever the polls say. He’ll get a honeymoon. How long it lasts is dependent upon how long he can keep 40% of the Canadians happy.

  3. Eric M says:

    All of the above?

  4. Phil says:

    I concur. The right wing pundits (Ezra, National Post) are a particularly whiny bunch since their decisive loss. It’s getting tiresome.

  5. Matt says:

    Was it something specific that annoyed you Warren, or just general tone from the CPC and NDP?

    I know the NDP accused the Libs of using Rememberance Day to try and “data mine” for potential new supporters by putting up something on various websites of the LPC and Ministers asking people ta add their names, addresses, emails ect to, I guess some kind of online thank you card to our Vets.

  6. SG says:

    Sometimes it seems as if Justin and Sophie are trying to replay their own honeymoon for all Canadians to see.

    • cgh says:

      Well, they did start the new term in office by firing the cook.
      But JT always said during the campaign that it was all about the supposedly distressed “middle class”,
      no mention of the little people.
      Remember, it’s the first thing entitled aristos do; deal with the household servants.

    • littlemissbliss says:

      your heart sir is colder than the other side of Ann Coulter,s bed.

  7. Brent Crofts says:

    I generally agree. However, there is a difference between a honeymoon (i.e. getting the benefit of the doubt and a fair amount of time to implement your agenda before the really pointed questions and criticisms start flowing) and an out-and-out tongue bath. Trudeau is getting the latter. Neither Mulroney, Chretien nor Martin ever got anything near like this from the press, let alone Harper.

    • The Doctor says:

      Exactly. “Tongue bath” perfectly describes a lot of it. Furthermore, I was hoping that with the election finally over, facebook would get de-contaminated from the partisan spam that polluted fb throughout the campaign. But no. Post-election, on my fb feed, it’s ALL Liberal supporters, posting partisan spam pieces, the prevailing theme being “look how awesome this government is”, “look how dreamy Justin is”, “look how awesome our new Minister of Defence is”, etc. The tone is akin to that of a bunch of prepubescent girls mooning over Justin Beiber in the Tiger Beat comments section.

  8. dean sherratt says:

    A few thoughts…Canadian politics is about as dominated by progressive leadership than any time since the 1930s. It is more than Justin…the prevailing political view is quite monolithic. Perhaps more disconcerting to Conservatives than NDPers. Second, his honeymoon is swiftly becoming the most intense I have experienced. Even Trudeau Senior didn’t quite get this level of adulation except during the Quebec FLQ Crisis. Thirdly, I don’t know about everyone else but I’m clear out of valium…it was exhausted during the campaign. I resolved to look at the bright side…a good Opposition with Quebec representation…a well balanced and talented cabinet. I don’t think NDPers are angry…but they do seemed shocked and awed at their defeat. They must wonder how they will ever taste power if not this time. For the CPC, I expect many realized during the campaign that their reelection was not on…I always looked at 200+ Liberal and NDP seats with the CPC never getting any more than 140 at best.

    I think the two oppositions have been very reasonable and modest thus far and are taking a long view. Some of the partisans remain embittered but I find that at the troll level, all the parties have (un-)healthy levels of representation and these can and should be ignored.

    The man does frustrate me though despite my best efforts. On the issue of imposed gender balance, his answer of “2015” would have prompted me to respond what month was the most important this year to reach that conclusion? His personal manner is very, very close…something that would bother me a lot if I was an employee…[see photos of the swearing-in]. My age is such that public displays of affection make me squint a bit but why the mooning on Remembrance Day in proximity with the Cenotaph? So let us push hard to advance the substantive agenda so I can either denounce in good faith or confess that for once I was pleasantly disappointed in the Prime Minister!

  9. Jack D says:

    Its bitter resentment.

    Dippers are utterly wrought with envy that the Liberals were able to not only capture the change momentum, but once again out “progressive” the NDP in an election campaign. So instead of doing some soul searching as to why the NDP can’t seem to win they are taking their dissatisfaction out on the Liberals and the voters; in a very pathetic manner. Failing to realize your own shortcomings and finding others to blame is the perfect way to ensure your political irrelevance.

    Its understandable that watching the Liberals enjoy their honeymoon must be painful for Conservatives to watch, but this is the price they pay for the kind of governing and campaigning they opted for. Instead of making passive aggressive comments towards the Liberals and their supporters, it might be wiser to take this time for proper introspection. Ultimately 2/3 of the Canadian population voted against the CPC, that says more about Conservatives than anyone else. Now the Liberals are reaping the rewards of the excellent campaign they ran and have earned their honeymoon –so suck it up.

  10. Grant says:

    The honeymoon for Just-in will never end. No matter what occurs on his watch, the leftist media will back him 100%. Four years from now the media will still be bashing on Harper.

    • Liam Young says:

      Huh? Stephen Harper has had a free pass over the last 10 years from the likes of the Globe and PostMedia. There is no ‘left wing media’ that calls the shots in Canada to speak of (although the Star likes to pretend it is).

      • SG says:

        Free pass?

        Consider this. The Duffy affair, which involved an alleged transfer of private funds (not public) totalling $90,000 from a staff member to a Conservative senator, has been arguably given more critical press coverage than Adscam, a money-laundering criminal conspiracy led by top Liberals costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Exhibit A.

    • Jack D says:

      “Grrr, the media hates us and they’re out to get us”.

      *18 newspapers endorse the Conservatives in election 42.*

      • SG says:

        Staff reporters are by and large left-leaning. You are correct that many of the editorial boards endorsed the Conservatives, but they don’t have any real impact on public opinion.

        • The Doctor says:

          As WK correctly pointed out some time ago, hands up anyone who has ever made their voting decision based on an editorial board endorsement.

          Meanwhile, over in the real world, I wonder if that extra $150 million that Justin promised the CBC has influenced their coverage at all. . .

          • doconnor says:

            How many hundreds of millions of dollars would Bell, Rogers and Shaw gain from Conservative tax cuts and consumer and employee hostile policies.

        • Jack D says:

          Nor am I suggesting they have any weight. I just think its ridiculous to continue this siege mentality where anyone that writes something remotely in critique of a Conservative government is automatically inherently biased.

          As a Liberal, I can think of a handful of journalist from the “MSM” I think have a partial bend to their perspective. This tells me two things: 1) ones perceived bias may be in another’s own head, 2) as humans with functioning cognition, we are naturally inclined to favour somethings more than others on a personal level.

          But condemning reporters at large for having it out for Conservatives is complete idiocy. There exists a diversity of opinions amongst all journalists; some we agree with and some with which we disagree. After a decade of power, its possible very much possible that the Harper government has provided journalists and the media with enough material for criticism that has absolutely nothing to do with their own biases.

          The idea that Conservatives are victims of a conspiracy of leftism in journalism is so pathetic.

          • SG says:

            Nobody said a thing about a “conspiracy”. That’s your own delusion.

            Left-wing “journalists” will slant a news story unknowingly based on their own beliefs. Has nothing to do with a conscious conspiracy.

            I remember the Chretien years. Widespread evidence of corruption, influence-peddling, and money-laundering swept under the carpet by a compliant press gallery. Harper’s little bobbles (wow! $90,000 of non-taxpayer money handed from one private citizen to another private citizen….who the hell cares!) were nothing by comparison.

            We now learn that Trudeau’s Science Minister believes in quack crackpot medical theories. It will be interested to see how the media spins this.

  11. Harvey Bushell says:

    Even the Toronto Sun’ poll that’s been up for a full day..

    Do you approve of the job Prime Minister Trudeau is doing?



    ..has him in the plus column. Pretty funny considering he’s barely been PM long enough to have changed his underwear.

  12. billg says:

    I’m still in the whining stage.
    Try to stay away from web pages and leaving comments though.
    My first viewed newscast will be Dec 24 but only to make sure NORAD’s radar has Santa on it.
    Opening up a false bank account to make sure Liberals don’t take all my money, and, am learning how to spot a Syrian terrorist from the internet.
    I should be back to “ok” in January sometime.

  13. JH says:

    CBC & Mansbridge made people want to puke – no matter what their political bent, excepting uber partisans of course. The fact that he’s friends with top people on the Liberal team doesn’t surprise one, after watching the CEEB. Ibbotson used the word besotted for the media coverage – good call. I’m surprised WK you haven’t commented on this aspect of the glory that is the new government, given your penchant for puncturing balloons. Surely the MSM needs theirs deflated a bit? This crap is right up there with Chris Matthews and his famous ‘thrill up my leg’. Even his own colleagues called him out on that stuff.

  14. P Brenn says:

    Hi ..stop it everyone..we know everything bad is Mike Harris’ fault…

    Seriuosly..I think times have changed ..with social media in full gear people can easily express views…the previous pm’s didnt have this phenomena to deal with…

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