12.09.2015 09:35 PM

Adler-Kinsella Show: Trump, Trudeau, truth!


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    Jack D says:

    Good god, the Oppositions fist-pounding over changing the electoral system isn’t going the way they want it to go. Obviously, Conservatives have a reason to resist electoral reform –however, their argument against it is pathetically weak and with a great lack of self-awareness. You can’t complain about not consulting Canadians on a democratic reform when you spend a huge chunk of your previous mandate doing exactly the opposite. Every law the Conservatives passed previously was done so under the pretence of having a majority in the House, thus the confidence of Canadians. Now its unacceptable.

    Its like the CPC and Rona Ambrose have been struck by a sudden bout of amnesia and self-forgivence. I understand its their responsibility as the Of.Op. to hold the government to account but seeing as the memories of the previous government are still fresh in the minds of voters, its highly hypocritical to all of a sudden find a moral compass to the legislative process when they’re not the ones in power. The Conservatives might have a case to make, but they aren’t going to make it this way.

    But this issue aside, I think the Conservatives have been pretty disappointing in the Opposition benches. Despite the contrition following the election and the acknowledgement of a “negative tone”, the Conservatives have succeeded in being just as corrosive, condescending and arrogant as they were before. If this is the game plan going forward, I think they’ll find voters uninterested in the bitterly angry lot come 2019.

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      Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      I`m loving the Rona-Lisa tag team match. Two women questioning the all-male front bench of the Liberals. With much humour. Sweet!

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