12.09.2015 08:03 AM

Before he won in a landslide in 2010, I recall the same things being said about Rob Ford

As in: he can’t win, he won’t win, he won’t last past [pick a date].

Well, here we are, folks. Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee – unless there is a gang-up, in which case he will be the new Ross Perot. Either way, I’m reminded of what I usually say to my bewildered urban pals: “There’s another country out there, and most of us progressive types have never been to it.”


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    Greyapple says:

    It would not surprise me if he wins the nomination. Granted, we’ve yet to see the full fall out from Monday’s “no Muslims” policy announcement, but I can’t see that hurting him among his supporters, if anything it will probably bleed Cruz and Carson support to him. But yeah, barring something dramatic, I think he will be the GOP nominee.

    That being said, I can’t imagine him winning the election. Regardless what they may think of Clinton, Will Mr. and Mrs. America give the nuclear codes to Donald ‘effing’ Trump rather than her? I predict Democrats will come out in droves to prevent a President Trump, and moderate Republicans will likely stay home or even vote Dem. Furthermore, I can’t foresee a majority of independents voting for the likes of Trump. Before he was a clown, but now he’s becoming much more sinister. I don’t use the term fascist lightly, but what else can you call him now?

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      BillBC says:

      I think you are exactly right. I can’t believe the Republicans would nominate him, but perhaps they will. If I were an American, I guess I’d be a liberal Republican…not many of them around these days, though there used to be. I can’t stand H. Clinton, but I’d crawl across broken glass to vote for her to beat Trump….

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      MississaugaPeter says:

      I really do not see him getting the nomination. Rather, I see him expelled from the Republican Party in the next seven days (before the next debate). Then it will be Rubio versus Cruz (OMG, another psycho).

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        doconnor says:

        Is there a mechanism to expell him? I’m don’t know the details of how it works. Aren’t the state governments involved in the promary process?

        Besides expelling him would trigger a third party run.

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          MississaugaPeter says:

          The Republican Party could expel him and not include him in any of the primary balloting. The only problem is that he has all of a sudden become the darling of both the NRA and the military establishment, both strong, past supporters of the Republican Party. When “I get a $20M retirement package from Haliburton to become vice president” Cheney comes out against you you know that he is making inroads on his cash cow.

          I do not believe Trump was so naive to ever believe he was going to win the Republican nomination. It was always to be a stepping stone to run as an independent, much like Anderson in 1980.

          As one of my previous replies says, a few more terrorist attacks in the next 11 months and he could win the thing. Both Clinton or Rubio would not be able to calm the 99% non-Muslim, U.S. population.

          At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised for him to say next that a nuke should be dropped on ISIS. And use 1945 as proof of its effectiveness.

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      cgh says:

      “Will Mr. and Mrs. America give the nuclear codes to Donald ‘effing’ Trump rather than her?”

      A very interesting question. The choice here is between a bigot and a crook. Remember that all this is taking place in a background of terrorist attacks on civilians worldwide. It’s already having severe political effects, such as the recent regional elections in France and last year’s elections in Britain. What is clear is that regardless of whether or not it’s Trump or Clinton in 2016, what will be coming in 2020 will make the Donald look like a moderate if Americans are not convinced that the regime of the day is dealing effectively with the situation.

      As I asked in another thread, for which no one stepped up to answer, is this situation going to get better or worse?

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    Westcoastjim says:

    I once went to a NASCAR Race and saw the pale underbelly of the US. It is a different world and nothing like urban America.

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    Liam Young says:

    We had our Donald Trump here two months ago. Democracy won the battle, but has yet to win the war.

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    cynical says:

    I’d guess you aren’t from Cardston or Raymond.

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      cynical says:


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    Luke says:

    Never mind Hillary, Bernie Sanders is the antidote to America’s problems.

    I would love to see it come down to Trump vs. Sanders. Americans would have a dichotomous choice, and either result would probably be transformative in its own way.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Have to disagree. The establishment and tea party Republicans don’t agree on much but both want Trump DOA, politically speaking. They control both Houses of Congress — and deem it crucial to win the White House. Trump can’t do that. I prefer Bush, Graham, Kasich (spelling?) or even Christie. But right now, my money is on Rubio.

    As for Hillary: too slick (like Bill) and sexism and misogny will do the rest. Just ask Pauline…

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    Gilbert says:

    I’m a Conservative who doesn’t want Donald Trump to win the nomination. If he does, Hillary Clinton will be the next president. The best hope for the Republican Party is Marco Rubio.

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    Tiger says:

    I’m a Conservative who typically votes Republican and will vote for Cruz in the primaries.

    I don’t want Trump to win the nomination because then I’ll have to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    I don’t think that means he can’t win the presidency. I fear he can.

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    nobonus4nonis says:

    lee atwater begat hate and negative ads
    that begat southern strategies
    which begat republicans going right batty
    which begat a bush after iran and beirut which begat
    another bush which begat 911 which begat iraq
    which begat the tea party while roger ailes and fox
    cheered on from the sidelines which begat pallin around with terrorists
    sarah palin which begat obama which begat drones while iraq begat isis
    which begat beheadings which begat devcon five islamaphobia which begat
    radical islamists used by stephen harper to great effect and then charlie hebdo and now
    paris which is begetting the loudest trumpet on the planet which will begit

    god only knows and he ain’t begetting any of us. now that’s a lot of begittin and
    begattin so if your smart you’ll be getting gone while the going is good because methinks
    we’re being played big time by the usual suspects who like us riled up just enough to keep the
    machines running but not smart enough to smell what the rock is cooking.

    discuss amongst yourselves 😉

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    MonteCristo says:

    The democrats aren’t laughing anymore.

    “WATERLOO, Iowa — Until Monday, when Donald J. Trump proposed a ban on Muslims entering the United States, Hillary Clinton could hardly keep herself from laughing at the mention of his name. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” she told ABC News on Sunday, letting out a giggle that made advisers squirm.

    She is no longer laughing.

    At a town hall here on Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton delivered her most damning, direct criticism of Mr. Trump, saying that he traffics “in prejudice and paranoia,” and that his Muslim proposal was “not only shameful, it’s dangerous.”

    But Mrs. Clinton also strove to recognize something stirring in the electorate that Mr. Trump had clearly tapped into. “It’s O.K., it’s O.K. to be afraid,” she said. “When bad things happen, it does cause anxiety and fear,” she added. “But then you pull yourself together and, especially, if you want to be a leader of our country, and you say:‘O.K., what are we going to do about it? How are we going to be prepared?’”


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      doconnor says:

      Maybe she laughed because she met and knows Trump and she know he is faking his whole campaign.

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