12.08.2015 11:11 AM

Boycott Trump now


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    MississaugaPeter says:

    Getting $Bs of free publicity for his inevitable independent run for president. IMO, will do better than Perot did and could actually win some red states.

    Ironic that the inclusion of a strong independent candidate (Perot) in 1992 and 1996 gave a Clinton the presidency, a strong independent candidate (Trump) could do the same again for a second Clinton.

    If there are a few more terrorist attacks, the psycho Trump could actually win the thing. Just as Harper would have probably won the election if the Paris attacks had occurred a month earlier (not a majority, but more seats than the Liberals).

    9/11 gave Bush victory in 2004. The Paris attacks are giving Marine Le Pen and the National Front victories in France.

    Today: “Just like Mr. Trump, Ms. Le Pen is shrewdly speaking to voters who feel economically strained, distant from leaders they perceive as elitist and out of touch, and angry or frightened by waves of immigration that they feel threaten their national identity and personal security.”


    BTW, boycott Macy’s if they are selling Trump clothing.

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      cgh says:

      Umm, no. For those who don’t follow French politics, Hollande is the most unpopular president ever in the history of the 5th Republic since 1958. He is loathed for his mishandling of the French economy and its ruinously high unemployment.

      Second, Le Pen’s support has been growing through the past half dozen French elections, so this isn’t a new phenomenon. Looking at an electoral map of France, the truly unusual part was the takeover in Paris of all places by the UDP. And Lille, astonishingly. What the regional elections were was an almost total rejection of the ruling Socialists. They lost all the big cities in France excepting only Bordeaux.

      What it shows is a unified Left in France being demolished by two right wing parties, the exact reverse of Clinton and Chretien in the ’90s, and Harper in the 2000s.

      All that the Paris attacks did was shape the direction of infuriated voters who were leaving the Socialists anyway.

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    Harvey Bushell says:

    I ran across this Trumpenfuhrer photoshop the other day. Best I’ve seen so far.

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    Matt says:

    Does Trump actually own anything to boycott?

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    James Smith says:

    What is more puzzling is the cognitive dissonance at loose in America, and to a lesser extent in the so called West.
    This man is only one example.
    He’s a man who claims to be self made, yet he inherited/borrower millions from his real estate developer father, his Casino Biz goes bust (!!!) and doesn’t say peep about his pals who made Millions on the financial crisis that put many Americans in the poor house. Ask the people in Toronto who invested n his garish tower with the falling glass what a great guy he is.

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    Matt says:

    680 News poll in Liberal Toronto today.

    Should Donald Trump’s comments disqualify him from running for President?

    Yes 53

    No 47.

    A lot closer than it should be.

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    nobonus4nonis says:

    can,t wait for this week,s episode of south park.

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    Mike says:

    Rob Ford was basically the Toronto Sun comments section coming to life and running for mayor.

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    Jack D says:

    With each passing day, Donald Trump proves just how stupid a massive portion of Americans are. His catering to the extreme xenophobic sentiments in the US is doing a fantastic job at exposing exactly how quick a population can go from freedom to fascism when someone with a lack of self-awareness and access to a microphone/stage, pushes the dialogue into a direction that gave birth to anti-Semitic regimes in the 1940’s.

    How can one get angry at someone who is absolutely bereft of any intellect and merely reacts with incognizance of reality without a filter? He is a billionaire with an ego to match his wealth; he doesn’t need to be President, he doesn’t want to make a change in the course of government, he doesn’t want to change things for the better and he doesn’t have a philosophical approach to governance. Donald Trump just wants to be heard. He will say anything to be heard and knows nothing of remorse. Our reactions fuel his self-indulgence and he is succeeding phenomenally in stroking his own ego.

    The real issue here is that such attitudes are so popular in American society. The fact that his Hitler-esque rhetoric is being met with applause from the GOP base shows some serious deterioration American values.

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    Darren H says:

    In your opinion. Klein was exactly what we needed at the time, and we will another like him again with the economic destruction coming from Notley and crew. No she cannot be blamed for oil prices but the royalty review chased away any potential investment for at least a couple years. I work in the Energy industry here and talks of a recovery are probably three to four years at best. That means the cuts coming to health care and education will be unprecedented for us, as we have a $7 billion hole in our budget. Potentially even more so with PMJT’s promise to “renegotiate” transfers with the provinces.
    At least in a couple years we will be considered a have-not province and can get some govt cheese back for our tax dollars. People across Canada so completely under-estimate how critical oil & gas are to the national economy, and that ain’t gonna change in the next 20-30 years, despite trying to force a “green economy” with a carbon tax. The less oil we produce to meet our “climate change” commitments, the more other less environmentally enlightened countries will produce to take up the slack. Dark days ahead.

    I think Trump is wrong but he has tapped a nerve with a large portion of the American public. Instead of name calling and social media shaming, perhaps a national conversation needs to happen. Probably won’t though.

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    Reality.Bites says:

    While I’m in favour of boycotting Trump, I don’t think it’s realistic to boycott the one-time sponsors of Celebrity Apprentice, a program that was last broadcast last February.

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    Richard says:

    I keep waiting for something to happen that reveals that this is just a gigantic joke that they’re playing on all of us, and it’ll end with someone jumping out of a cake to say “hahahaha wasn’t that fun? Now let’s have the serious people do this presidential race.”

    I’m really just utterly appalled that every single politician and citizen in America isn’t denouncing this man and his hate-filled statement. If a sitting Prime Minister of Canada said that they were going to ban entry of immigrants based on their religion, I truly believe that the demands for that PM’s resignation would be loud, virulent, and immediate. He would be condemned by all parties.

    You know how obscene these comments are? Dick Cheney, the most reviled man in the Bush Administration and a person who has been compared unfavourably to Darth Vader, said, “I think this whole notion that somehow we can just say no more Muslims, just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in.” When Dick Cheney thinks you’ve gone too far, you’re really too far gone.

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      Wayne says:

      Let’s see if I have this straight. It’s not OK to ban someone from immigrating based on their religion, but it is OK to force someone to bake a wedding cake despite their religious beliefs?

      Do I understand correctly?

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        Richard says:

        I honestly don’t think you do.

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    Lance McLean says:

    This is purely self serving but I hope he gets in as it would make for a most interesting term of the next POTUS.

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    cgh says:

    There is only one relevant question here: is this going to get better or get worse?

    What most of you are forgetting is that Trump is merely an expression of a more deep-seated and growing public anxiety. And as it gets worse, if it gets worse, Donald Trump will seem moderate compared with more extreme views that will emerge.

    And as the 680 news poll shows, it’s growing here as well.

    So one more time, children, is this going to get better or worse? And why?

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      nobonus4nonis says:

      trump can’t lose.
      the more he rants the larger his base gets. and god forbid if a paris happens in america in the next year he’s the president. he’s playing the whole country.
      if we said what he said we’d get arrested
      when the rich do it they get elected

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    Al in Cranbrook says:

    I would never vote for the guy, but he’s hitting a chord for a great many, not because they’re scared, but because they’re fed up. And Obama’s floundering and avoidance is feeding that anger.


    And this growing anger is not unique to America…



    Homeland Security Committee Chairman admits operatives have tried to enter US via refugee system.


    …perhaps something our own new government might take note of.

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