12.18.2015 08:35 AM

Dishonest column of the month award

…goes to this Rosie DiManno gem in today’s Star. In it, DiManno commences by castigating comments, and looks completely ridiculous by the end. A short-form DiManno, herewith:

  • I don’t care about comments, but here’s a whole column about comments
  • I don’t like the invective commenters spew, so here’s some invective of my own
  • I don’t care who the commenters are, but I sort of researched them enough to know every single one of their names
  • The Sun did it to us

It’s a competitive category, but I think we have a winner for the Most Dishonest Column of the Month Award, folks!




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    P. Brenn says:

    Rosie can write but some days she is tough to follow …

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    Liam Young says:

    An apt view of how narrators, oops, journalists see the rest of us as belonging ‘down there’ as if we’re lesser than the author.
    Screw you Star.
    You can join the rest of Canada’s ‘lamestream’ media at the bottom of my birdcage.

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