12.18.2015 08:49 AM

Highly-Scientific Polls: colour me surprised

Ran those fun little polls yesterday on 2015’s Best Politician, Best Political Advisor, and Best Political Strategy. Check out the results for the several hundred who voted, below. It wasn’t even close.

Here’s what you said as of this hour:

  • Best politician: Stephen Harper – 342 votes over 241 for Justin Trudeau
  • Best political advisor: whoever advises Brad Wall – 314 votes over 173 for Trudeau’s principal secretary
  • Best political strategy: never, ever using social media – 301 votes over 179 the Grits’ “real change” mantra

[polldaddy poll=9236751]
[polldaddy poll=9236757]
[polldaddy poll=9236767]


  1. Rene G. says:

    So it’s cynicism winning the day!

  2. smelter rat says:

    Heh. Your poll indicates that the majority of people voting were Conbots.

  3. Maps Onburt says:

    I only voted once… not quite along the lines of what Warren got but those were all my second choice answers (except for PM Harper who was first for sure). I gave full credit to Butts for bringing Trudeau back from the dungeon. I don’t think there were “bots” (con or otherwise) voting for this… too few votes. I think while people are generally OK with PM Trudeau so far, they are also realizing that perhaps what PM Harper has been saying wasn’t wrong too. PM Harper only ever broke one campaign promise (Income Trusts) and didn’t deliver on one (the second round of income splitting that was supposed to take effect the year they balanced their budgets). PM Trudeau has already broken four of his biggest promises the first day in the House of Commons. He’ll be as popular as Premier Wynne shortly.

  4. Jack D says:

    Okay, clearly someone took the time to vote several times because in no rational, reasonable and sensible way was Stephen Harper the best politician of 2015. He lost his majority government and reduced his party to just under 100 seats while losing millions of voters by failing to make a case for keeping him in power –by definition, he doesn’t qualify for *best* politician of this year.

    Evidently, there is a massive failure in understanding the fundamentals of politics if some believe in the contrary. You don’t get ribbons for participation, you’re either the winner or the loser. Since Harper lead the Conservatives to a loss, thus he clearly wasn’t “the best”.

  5. e.a.f. says:

    best politician, in my opinion is Kathleen Wynne. She took her party from minority to majority, being herself. Loved the interview they did with her and her partner.

    Ontario is not the power house it once was and has difficulties, but Wynne does the best with what she has to work with.

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