12.14.2015 03:52 PM

Two things about the coming Star Trek movie

One, it’s going to be way better than Star Wars.

Two, they should have used the Cancer Bats’ cover of the Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage.’ It’s better than the original. Right here:

Come to the Hard Luck next Friday to see the Cancer Bats! Me and Daughter 2 and Bjorn will be there, too.


  1. Kaplan says:

    Star Wars fans can appreciate Star Trek films, especially the current batch, and vice versa.

    That said, while I enjoyed the first two “new” Star Trek films, this thing looks like it was directed by the guy who helmed The Fast and The Furious.

    Oh wait…it was.

  2. MississaugaPeter says:

    Note to WK readers.

    Supposedly coming out this Friday. But really Thursday night.

    Most IMAX showings and reserved seat showings sold out last week, but the regular 3D shows are still wide open. I was the first person to purchase tickets (for Son 2 and me) for 8:00 p.m. Thursday 3D showing at Cineplex Mississauga (Square One), and when I picked up another ticket for Son 1 last night, only 15% of the theatre was sold.

    Mind you, I expect it will sell out and I will be in line 90 minutes prior to the show so I can get great seats. Saw the original Star Wars with my parents at the 17th Avenue Drive-In in Calgary.

    Note: Buy the $40 gift card. Get $40 of goodies for the new year (including free food, upgrade, and half and 2 for 1 price admissions) when you purchase the gift card. Use gift card for tix. Use remainder of gift card for popcorn and drinks. Use coupons next year.

    • Maps Onburt says:

      I’m with Warren on Star Trek – although I’m not a fan of either song. I haven’t been able to get into any of the new Star Wars ones… might give Harrison Ford a try. Star Trek on the other hand…. far better – although this one looks like it might be a bit too much “fast and furious” for my tastes. What’s with the (more) stupid haircut on Spock?

  3. Ted H says:

    The Cancer Bats video, the music, pure genius Warren. I loved it all and thank you for introducing it to us. Normally I don’t share your enthusiasm for punkish music but this was great, it was totally mos’cosious as Mac Rebennack would say. I owe you one man!

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