01.13.2016 09:24 AM

Happy birthday, JC

The Earthly one, not the Celestial one. Talked to him yesterday, my Mother of All Colds notwithstanding, to wish him happy birthday. Madame gave him a new pair of skis!

We talked about the state of the Canadian dollar, and what it will mean for the price of stuff like cucumbers. His advice? “Eat less cucumbers!”   

Can anyone guess who these handsome gents are, taken at an Ottawa lunch, two years ago today?


  1. Former Ottawan says:

    Surely they are:

    Randall MacCauley
    Bruce Hartley

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The first two, on the left, look vaguely familar. (Apologies to the other two.)

    Happy Birthday, Monsieur Chr├ętien!

  3. BillBC says:

    Happy birthday to him. The more I think about his successors, from both parties, the more highly I think of him….

    • PJ says:

      Well said…..Canada was well served during his tenure, and he had the smarts to keep us out of the quagmire of Iraq……Bonne Fete, M. Chretien!…..

  4. JamesHalifax says:

    I’m sorry Warren, but of the gentleman at that table….one of them looks to have been drinking. The guilty party is NOT wearing a tie, or a purple shirt.

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