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Help my friend Laura Miller

Laura is a great friend of ours, and is fighting back against an outrageous and disgusting campaign against her being waged by the OPP – the Ontario Political Police.

Background is here: the absurdity of the charges, the conduct of the OPP, and why the discredited OPP are going after Laura, here. (Read it.)

Now, you can help her out with this fundraising campaign. One hundred per cent of the monies raised go to her legal defence – being mounted by another great friend, Clay Ruby.

She will prevail in the end – but it’s going to be expensive. Please help out – all donations all gratefully accepted, once again, here.


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    e.a.f. says:

    everybody needs a job, but working for the B.C. Lieberals out here? Not so much. Don’t know the back story on what went on in Ontario beyond what I’ve read on your blog, but working for Christy. “queen of the photo-ops” and the B.C. Lieberals says volumes. Couldn’t support anyone who did that. 4 dead kids in care and the B.C. Lieberal “investigation” says the children’s advocate makes too many suggestions.

    Lets see, we in B.C. just all got a raise in electrical rates but one of Christy’s big contributors wants a reduction in his for his “business”. right.

    Sometimes god gets you for what you didn’t do, when she ought to get you for what you did do.

    As I always say, usually we see a staffer taking the wrap for something the politicians started or did. Its life when working in the political world. Just ask Basi/Verk in B.C.

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    JohnB says:

    Warren, your donation to Laura Miller crowd funding defense fund made the CTV Vancouver news tonight (along with just about everyone else who donated to her fund). I would call $200 quite generous. Who do you suppose might have made the anonymous donation of $10,000?

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    JamesHalifax says:

    I’m sorry, Warren,

    but it is pretty clear to the average taxpayer that something illegal was done in order to cover-up a real travesty of taxpayer dollars being misued for political purposes. I think kathleen Wynne has a lot to answer for as well, as I’m sure she was involved up to her eyeballs in what went on.

    This gas plant scandal is a REAL scandal; not some trumped up charge like robocalls. In fact, I would say that if suspcions are correct, this is far worse than the sponsorship scandal as far taxpayers are concerned.

    If there was nothing to this story, the Liberals wouldn’t be trying so hard to hush it up.

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    e.a.f. says:

    JamesinHalifax, yes, there might well be something there, but why, when there is something there do they hang it on the “hired help” instead of where it ought to be.
    We in B.C. went through something called the B.C. Rail trial and the two guys who went on trial were 2 staffers, but really, given what went on, they were just the fall guys. I suspect Laura Miller is simply the fall “person” for everything which went on. Some body has to wear this and she was elected by the politicians.
    When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

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    Andy says:

    A person who made over $150k when she Deputy Chief of Staff in Ontario requires help with her legal bills is quite “rich”

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    e.a.f. says:

    Hey, she has been living in B.c. and if you saw the cost of housing in B.C. you’d know $150K isn’t all that much. You need at least $117k to buy a townhouse for about $650K. In this day and age her income isn’t that large.

    if she wants to crowd fund why not. the legal bills are going to be massive. her salary won’t cover much in the way of bills at all. its W.K.’s blog he gets to write what he wants and support his friends. We get to critize him. what more do we want.

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      JamesHalifax says:


      she is a Liberal. If you think she is going to limit her income to a simple salary…..you’re deluded. I’m sure she’s got some “other” form of income coming in from somewhere. Who knows…..consulting fees…speechwriting, or some other form of “work” that can be used as justification. These folks are pretty creative when they aren’t deleting Government hard drives in the middle of the night after the janitor leaves for the evening.

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    JamesHalifax says:

    No matter who the officer investigating this matter is, it is pretty clear it was not the officer who made the call to cancel any gas plants, and then hide the paper trail (or electronic trail) to hide the evidence, or protect the politicians who made the decisions.

    what I will agree on, is that the two staffers charged are not as guilty as those who made the decision to throw away over 2 BILLION dollars just to save a couple of seat for the Liberal party. As I have said before, there is NO AMOUNT OF YOUR MONEY the Liberals won’t spend or waste to ensure they get reelected.

    the two staffers charged with the deletion should pay the price for their illegal acts, but the real jail time should be saved for those in the Premiers office who made the call. And that means BOTH premiers; both McGinty and Wynne, as I’m certain they both had a hand in it.

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    Warren says:

    1. The issue was canvassed at length in two elections. The Ontario Liberals won both.
    2. The Ontario NDP and PCs both said they’d do the same damn thing if elected. And neither was able to give the precise cost, either.

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    doconnor says:

    Who is going to pay for the Scarborough subway? Who is going to pay for ineffective corporate tax cuts? Who is going to pay for the military-industrial complex?

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    JamesHalifax says:


    The issue is not who won any elections. The issue is what was done. There were billions wasted, and then a concerted effort was made to destroy the evidence of criminal behaviour.

    If a murderer was elected to office, it doesn’t make the murder disappear, or make it right. it just makes the people apathetic.

    If a Conservative had done the exact same thing, you would be the first guy calling for someones head. (and rightfully so)

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