01.08.2016 03:10 PM

We get letters: this one isn’t from Ezra, by the way

It’s from someone who is claiming to be him – and Ezra doesn’t ever swear, in my experience, and we have now put aside several decades of, er, disagreements.  That said, this letter is a really nice one.  Really friendly.

Ezra Levant

Hey asshole

Holocaust denial shouldn’t be a crime.
No more that denying that the earth is round should be a crime.

fuck you btw.
you are just a liberal c*nt.

fuck you

Yes I am angry and for good reason: because of liberal piece of shit like you

Ezra Levant for PM
Trump for President
small dead animals all the way up your ass

I am going to troll u … ahahahahahahahah


  1. harvey bushell says:

    If you’re sure it isn’t from Ezra then my next guess would be a knuckle dragging, pond scum sucking, mouth breathing, never washed, greasy haired, foul breathed, mom’s basement dwelling, severely developmentally arrested white male with a large collection of WWII memorabilia and an even larger collection of bdsm porn.

  2. Pipes says:

    You continue to bring about the best in people and attract the most refined readers. Well done!

    It’s obvious from whence the comment came.

    By-the-way, Harvey Bushell missed-‘cheesy stained hands, wiping his yellow crusted hot dog fingers across his urine stained wife beater t-shirt, while yelling to his Mom to bring down some meat loaf’.

  3. cs says:

    you receive THE BEST fan mail…..lol

  4. Iris McLean says:

    If it wasn’t from Levant, and I think it was, it must be from André Marin. No?

  5. Jean A Paterson says:

    What about that old curmudgeon who confronted poor Lori Grahame and the other media members outside of a CPC rally? didn’t he call someone a piece of s**t?

  6. Maps Onburt says:

    There are idiots on all sides of the spectrum. The real mistake is in giving them a forum. I like this website because generally Warren does a good job of screening this type of nonsense. I get why he posted this (entertainment value alone) and there is no doubt this wasn’t Ezra any more than it was Naomi Kline but the sender achieved his objective ( to get what ever crap he had on his mind out into the ether and read/responded to by Warren). The fact that 99.9% of us think he’s a dork is irrelevant to him. Where I think it’s dangerous is others of us making comparisons to the beliefs of other posters to try to draw inferences he’s part of one side or the other. He’s an idiot. Full stop. Best to ignore.

  7. Jack D says:

    Anger seems to be a common thread with a certain demographic.

  8. P. Brenn says:

    likely related to goons running “your Ward News”

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