01.02.2016 10:14 AM

Winter is coming, except when it isn’t

Good Lord. 

Look, pal, we are all sorry you had to take time out from rolling around naked in piles of money to type up a too-long, too-self-involved, too-boring blog post about YOUR ALL-CAPS LATEST BOOK TITLE. But we are confident your agent will now know how to make full and frequent use of the resulting pathos to squeeze out yet more kajillions out of the wallets of your increasingly-desperate publishers/producers for yet another instalment in the crypto-racist Schwarzeneggar-meets-Lord-of-the-Rings paean to rape. 

So carry on as you were. You were planning to anyway.


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    Houland Wolfe says:

    Jeez, if he had kept his focus on the book instead of this massive “why my book isn’t finished” piece of tedium, he might have finished his book by now.

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    Sean says:

    Big fan of the books…. TV show is OK too I suppose.

    Surprised at Warren’s “crypto racist” comment…. Not saying its wrong, I’m just unaware of Warren’s argument here….

    I’ve found that one of the most compelling aspects of the series is how prejudice is vividly acknowledged and some of the characters are forced to push beyond it for their own survival.

    As for GRRM, I hope he takes all the time he needs… its a work of art and needs to be completed in whatever way he sees fit.

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    cs says:

    His Characters vivid and fascinating( and even with all the death there are many), his plot lines dense, and the sheer volume of what he has to write is overwhelming. The guy is an artist and has to create the way he best can. Now that he is famous, he struggles with the pressures, sounds about right. IF they wanted a franchise to kick out a novel a year, this isnt the right author for them.
    and really he could start writing the parallel series, the zombies of Ice and fire, and dredge all the good ones he killed off and recreate another completely different series, lol

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    Kalford says:

    Uh Oh Warren,

    GRMM clearly states at the top of his blog that it is “Not a Blog”. Thus you should edit your blog post so that it doesn’t refer to his blog post as a blog post.

    Otherwise he may retaliate in-kind about your own blog – and it would just be an ugly downhill from there.


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