02.16.2016 04:53 PM

Bye bye, Kid Kodak

Ha ha ha ha!

I look forward to your next attempt to have me disbarred for having the temerity to criticize your behaviour, Marin et al.! I intend to have many, many people watching!



  1. Wookieballs says:

    Still no tweets from Andy yet. Let’s take bets: he wishes the new OO luck, or rages against the “shambolic” appointment process?

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    WK congrats are in order for you. You surely are at least partly (if not moreso) responsible for his non-reappointment. Seriously well done! Now I can’t wait to see how he handles losing to you in front of the Law Society.

  3. Kind Sole says:

    Interesting to see which of the Marinettes still at the ombudsman’s office did NOT post a congratulation tweet to the incoming ombudsman (and no, retweeting an official statement by someone else DOES NOT count)! Mr. Dube take note!

    Linda Williamson–

    Ashley Bursey–

    Wendy Ray‎–

    Sue Haslam–

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