02.19.2016 10:45 AM

Donald Trump, you are messing with the wrong Pontifex

[H/T someone on the Internet. Also, you’re an asshole, Donald.]



  1. R News says:

    This is a fabulous pope who leads by example. He has no walls around his country, and takes in thousands of refugees…er, no, wait.

  2. Jeff says:

    “asshole” is a subjective assessment….

    • Ted H says:

      Actually when nothing but “shit” comes out of that hole in his face, asshole is probably a very technical definition of Trump.

  3. Kevin says:

    My, my, my. We do like to take a relatively minor situation and blow it out of proportion.

    That said, this pope reminds me a lot of John XXIII (yes, I am that old). They both show us that the gentlest of people tend also to have the steeliest of backbones.

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