02.10.2016 06:56 AM

Others see a CNN results chart. I see a GOP tombstone. 


  1. pipes says:

    All I see here is Martin Sheen’s character in The Dead Zone

  2. Peter says:

    Maybe. But unlike their last gong show in 2012, there is an implosion on the other side too that has Clinton gasping for air. Plus I’m starting to see a more sympathetic treatment of both Trump and Sanders in unlikely places. America likes a winner and America is very pissed.

    This may be one of those occasions where the whole election is beyond the comprehension of worried Canadians. It makes me think of an American friend’s quip about the two countries: “Everything is exactly the same, except completely different”.

    • lou says:

      I have spoken with few people I know down there, both very sane and rational. They are indeed sick of the usual business and are very pissed at the current President that they voted for because they see him now as just another politician. Never underestimate the mood of an electorate when change is wanted. Look at what Canada did. We were sold that things would be different by the Fiberals. We fell for it hook, lie, and sinking.

      • Drew says:

        The election was just barely more than 100 days ago. You’ve made up your mind with very little data and I suspect there is nothing the Liberal government could do that would meet your approval, except resign.

      • Drew says:

        Both Sanders and Trump are making promises they can’t keep.

  3. Mark says:

    Okay, let’s take a valium. Some points as I see them:

    1. NH is a state with a big libertarian (i.e. government get out) mentality. Live Free or Die is considered by some to be more than a state motto.
    3. Trump is the ultimate outsider, and it’s not surprising he won this state.
    3. NH has symbolic value as the first state with a primary (in fact, it’s in NH law that it must be the state that holds the first primary vote), but it is small potatoes.
    4. Kasich gives me hope that there is still something left of a thoughtful, meaningful, and relevant GOP

    • davie says:

      I watched only parts of a couple of their debates, one being one of those two tier things. In both Kasich seemed to me the most sound, the one with the experience and smarts to do well as a Republican pres. Sound like he did okay as a governor of a fair size state. I thought that if he did well in NH that he might then begin to draw more votes to his campaign from others.

  4. Steve T says:

    Yes, the Republicans are certain to lose the election with the xenophobic jerk Trump as their candidate. The only person who he could beat would be a raging socialist who made all sorts of promises that are impossible to pay for, and who matches Trump’s bluster in a left-wing manner. Oh, wait…

    • Al in Cranbrook says:

      Kinda like, “Oh, yeah? Well your Republican winner is a bigger idiot than our Democrat winner!”

      At least Trump knows how to make a buck. The only thing Sanders wants to do is spend those bucks that guys like Trump make, primarily because…like pretty much all socialists…he hasn’t got a foggy clue in hell himself how wealth is generated.

      Of the two of them, Sanders is by far the scariest! Four years of that clown in power would drive America into complete, total and irreversible financial and economic collapse.

      …and probably take down Canada right along with it.

      • nobonus4nonis says:

        start your own site Cranbrook you fucking gasbag. that’s what i’m going to do but unlike you I am not going to hijack a site Mr Kinsella spent fifteen years building. Cons like you are done and you know jackshit about American politics.

        so thanks for letting me spew here Kinsella and keep up the great work. I sure as hell appreciated it.

        from today’s lefsetz letter.


        This is exactly what happened in 1964.

        Elvis was king.

        And then the Beatles wiped him off the map.

        We had a decade of rock and roll. It had been whittled down to a formula. Sure, Bobby Darin had talent, but Fabian and the other Bobby, Rydell, were marginal players. But that was music, a sideshow.

        And then…

        A band with roots who didn’t believe in convention, who’d honed their sound off the radar, delivered an honest wallop that was undeniable.

        And overnight the youth switched allegiance.

        Could happen again. Probably will if Bernie Sanders is an indicator.

        You know it’s not your mother’s world anymore when Gloria Steinem is on the wrong side of the issue. She famously told Bill Maher that young women were supporting Bernie because that’s where the young men were. Talk about no respect, Rodney Dangerfield’s rolling in his grave. When paragons of envelope-pushing are tone deaf as to what is going on your know you’re in the midst of a revolution.

        The millennials were supposed to be pussies, whiners, coddled for life by their parents to the point they couldn’t survive on their own.

        But with all that attention and education the youth became wise, and they realized their future was stolen. That whatever opportunity there was was slim, that the odds were stacked against them. And finally they found someone speaking the truth. Albeit a septuagenarian. But one who never wavered from his message, and didn’t put money first, but quality of life.

        Tell that to the movie studios making endless comic book flicks.

        Tell that to the record companies releasing paint by number, made by committee music.

        They think the public wants it.

        But the truth is people don’t.

        They want honesty, credibility, something they can believe in.

        And people believe in Bernie Sanders.

        I was in the car with my octogenarian mother. Who took Steinem’s side, saying all young women should line up for Hillary. But when Hillary came on the radio she was fake and duplicitous and now spewing Bernie’s speech about coming down on Wall Street, like a rocker making a disco record in the late seventies. Her statements were unbelievable, there was no thread, she was saying what’s expedient, and that never resonates.

        How did we get here? Where the entire nation believes money trumps everything?

        As for Trump himself… He’s speaking to anger and unrest, but to a Luddite crowd with the fantasy that we can jet back to the past, where America is lily white and independent from the rest of the world. Whereas Bernie is talking about climate change and college debt and listening to him after Hillary even my mother had to smile, for he’s telling the truth.

        Remember the truth?

        That’s why Bob Dylan became so big, not because his voice was so good, not because his records were so slick.

        For decades we all knew the truth but couldn’t say it. We lived in a land of fakery, everybody swore but you couldn’t in the newspaper, or on television. We knew the game was rigged, but we felt the best thing was to buy in and try to play.

        But that was before all the seats were taken from the table. Come on, if you want me to play musical chairs at least leave some chairs. But now they’re gone. And the rich have all the money and tell us they create all the jobs and they’re entitled to their lifestyle and if we just worked a little harder we could be just like them.


        Donald Trump was born on third base.

        Hillary Clinton went to Wellesley when a middle class person could pay for it.

        We need heroes. We need leaders. And to be either you have to hew to your own drummer, you must know which way the wind blows, you must be honest.

        It’s the best policy, honesty that is. That’s what they taught you in school. Back before you learned everything in school was a lie. But it’s not. Our nation is built on trust. No wonder it’s crapping out, there’s none left!

        I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Supposedly Bernie’s gonna nose dive down south, where blacks are solid for Hillary. But why would that be, because they’ve been lied to and sold a bill of goods for their entire lives? No wonder Killer Mike supports Sanders.

        And Trump was helped by Marco Rubio’s inane debate performance, wherein he repeated the same talking point again and again. Like a robot.

        We don’t want robots, we want people, warts and all.

        They say beauty is king, but if that’s so shouldn’t Bernie lose?

        No, the truth is it’s about what’s inside, the nougat is everything. We all know the come on is fake, that the Kardashians are plumped up by plastic surgery. We’ll buy a ticket to the circus but when it comes to our own lives…

        This is the beginning. This is what happens when you take it to the limit too many times. The underclass, the repressed, get angina. And when enough people get screwed a groundswell takes over the nation.

        Which side are you on?

        Are you kissing butt on the Koch gravy train?

        Are you begging for a seat on the tech star’s plane?

        Are you busy moving on up or are you looking back, to where your people are, to where you came from.

        We’re all in this together. And if you’re fighting to get ahead and have forgotten this…

        You’re gonna be left behind.

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      • rww says:

        First Sanders is not a socialist, he is a moderate Social Democrat. I really do not understand why he does not run as an FDR Democrat, because that is essentially what he is. America needs and wants a New Deal right now.

      • billg says:

        I’m not sure Bernie isn’t the sanest of them all.
        Of all the candidates in both camps he’s the only one with an actual platform, all the others plan to make America great again and to defeat ISIS, oh, and one lunatic wants to build a 1200 mile wall.
        Maybe the time has come to dip a toe into a revised version of socialism, dunno, but talking about it cant hurt.

        • davie says:

          I favour what Sanders says, but I think Kasich is a pretty sound candidate.
          Imagine, though, Sanders Warren ticket this time…2020, 78 year old Sanders steps down and Warren takes a run at ti.

      • doconnor says:

        Trump knows how to ride a real estate bubble and praying on people’s addictions. Sanders knows that’s how wealth is generated in this day and age and that is why he wants them stopped.

    • MississaugaPeter says:

      May or may not be correct, but as I told my daughter in Dual Law (Windsor and Detroit) last weekend, Bloomberg is not factored in. He could be the Democrat’s Perot.

  5. Rich says:

    Bernie won the Dem vote hands down….except he didn’t!

    Clinton stands to walk away with same no. of delegates as Bernie ..if not MORE…due to the super-delegate situation the Dems built into their system. Elsewhere it would be called a set-up but it is their party.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Make that two tombstones: Clinton’s unfavourables are between 50 and 56%. Trump’s, between 53 and 64%. (Huffpost)

    Maybe Bloomberg would have a chance after all.

  7. PJ says:

    Whatever happened to this Donald Trump?……calm, deferential, intelligent, articulate…….Presidential even?……….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rksd80-FCAw

  8. Mike Smith says:

    It appears GOP voters are looking forward to all the wonderful Deals and Winning that is just around the corner, not to mention the terrific wall that Mexico will pay for…

  9. Jack D says:

    I see a light at the end of the tunnel for Bush.

    Looks like that debate performance by Rubio has hurt his credibility and questions are arising about his ability to fight for the “establishment candidate” position. This should be good news for Bush seeing as he was the one originally viewed as the GOP favourite. I think he’s got an opportunity to go for the throat of Rubio now and prove himself to have more substance.

    Ultimately, its a battle for the biggest douchebag at this point. Its Trump vs Cruz and surprisingly, Cruz (the notorious asshole) is behaving more presidential in contrast to Trump. Ultimately the GOP is going to lose the election because they’ve got no platform other than “free our guns, deport the Mexicans, crucify the gays and segregate the Muslims”.

  10. P. Brenn says:

    Bloomberg for Prez….in my own humble Canadian opinion..none of what I have seen or heard from any candidates on either side seem presidential..maybe its media scrutiny , maybe folks are fed up with all politicians , super pacs , spin ,yadayada yada ..So whilst Bloomberg has done the political gig as mayor he may be seen as the new reasonable blood.

    His is not a young person either but that doesnt seem to matter although given how presidents seem to age over their terms I would be concerned with any of them – the pressure is enormous obviously and the US and rest of world is a fiscal and military mess…

    • smelter rat says:

      Yes, the sky is falling and your hair is on fire.

    • Ron says:

      How lovely. An ex-banker named Lovely writing in an almost ex-publication about …. a bank study commissioned by The Sheeptracks National Bank.

    • Rodney says:

      Al I know you want to take every possible opportunity to bash the Liberal government, but the topic at hand is the New Hampshire Republican primary. Please try to stay on topic.

    • EB says:

      I would be willing to argue that the Harper Government put Canada on that ‘track’. He bet the house, the farm, and the country on Oil (“We are an emerging energy super power”), a commodity whose price Canada has absolutely no control over. Now, Alberta is an economic basket case, and the rest of the country is suffering from collateral damage.

      I am beginning to think, Harper that brilliant political strategist, purposely lost the last election. He saw what was coming and thought “Holy, Shit! Let me out of here…”

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      since when was the national Post interesting?

  11. PJ says:

    The tombstone got a little shorter today………who’s next?……..Gilmore or Carson?…….

  12. Maps Onburt says:

    Not sure what your point is here Warren….. Trump got 34% in a field of 11 candidates vs Sanders getting 58% in a field of 3? (or is it that you think 34% of voters are nuts for voting for him – in which case, I’d suggest that 34% don’t mind sending a message at this early stage with about 1% of the total delegates at risk.

  13. monkey says:

    Trump only got 35% so that assumes he will win the GOP nomination. Fiorina and Christie have already stepped down and I suspect over the next few states, whomever comes out as the stronger establishment candidate between Bush, Kasich, and Rubio will likely have those in the GOP who don’t want Trump or Cruz to win unite behind them so I think there is still a good chance one of those three will win the GOP nomination. Lets remember unlike New Hampshire, many of the upcoming states are closed primaries meaning only registered Republicans can vote and many of those want someone who is electable, which Trump is not. In addition if Sanders wins the Democrat nomination while either Cruz or Trump win the GOP nomination, Bloomberg will likely run as an independent and it’s anybody’s guess which side he will take more votes from.

  14. Brooke V says:

    You see a GOP Tombstone I see Leftist spin trying to avoid the real story. The real story is the results of the 2 Democratic Primaries. In Iowa where there was a tie the winner was decided by 6 coin tosses that Clinton won which is basically statistically impossible plus no third party witnesses to the coin tosses. Now move over to New Hampshire where even though Sanders beats Clinton by 22 point SHE gets more delegates. Any Song about how the fix is in for Clinton? yet you write about Trump.

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