03.16.2016 10:23 PM

CITY-TV story on neo-Nazi rag


“Kinsella, who is skewered in the latest edition of Your Ward News, has previously pushed to stop the publication. 

 “My main concern is it’s racist, it’s homophobic, it’s misogynistic, it denies the Holocaust, it’s anti-Semitic,” Kinsella said. “It’s all of these terrible things and it’s landing in people’s mailboxes. And the people who are receiving it are not paying for it.”

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    ABB says:

    I received it yesterday in my condo mailbox. It’s insanely unique. Hard to decipher what it’s saying. The text and layout are so unusual. Basically a mindless rant.

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    PJH says:

    I’m surprised the Metis Nation of Ontario hasn’t come down hard on this group……Metis have been victims of discrimination forever, and yet this jerk advertises the rag as being proudly Metis owned. I’ve never seen an issue before today, but this shit is beyond the pale. Canada Post should not be delivering hate mail, period.

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      Caligula Jones says:

      They label it is as being Metis owned because the actual owner of the paper (Leroy St. Germaine) IS Metis (apparently).

      I moved into the neighbourhood in 2001, and as I like blues and encouraging young bands, I donated to his blues festival. At the time, there was no newspaper, and beyond being a bit rough around the edges and gruff, he seemed to deliver what he promised, i.e., a rough around the edges musical event (can’t really call it a festival).

      When rumours started surrounding where the money went, etc. I told him the next time he called that I was going to spend my donation dollar elsewhere.

      Then, Leroy branched into attacking the local councilor, Sandra Bussin. Since I thought she was as bad a councilor as one could possibly be, I read it for the gossip (this was before Twitter, etc.), but if you think the rag is bad now (beyond the gross and demented political philosophy), you should have seen how bad it was when Leroy ran it.

      This site will show you the progression. It went full nazi about this time last year:


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    Sam Iam says:

    On top of the previously posted case whereby Judy Foote and Canada Poste are footeing the bill for the defence of a harassment case which they are not even a defendant of …



    … something is seriously wrong over in Chopra Land.

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