03.21.2016 01:32 PM

Images from Your Ward News

Here are just a few images taken from recent issues of this homophobic, racist, misogynistic, Holocaust-denying hate sheet, now being distributed to half of Toronto by Judy Foote’s Canada Post. If you want to get involved in our effort to stop it – and to shame Canada Post and Foote and Toronto police into finally taking action – please let me know.

And apologies in advance for what you will see here.

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Images from Your Ward News: racism, Holocaust denial, tributes to National Socialism, homophobia, promotions of rape, columns by former Heritage Front members.  It goes on and on.


  1. Ridiculosity says:

    James Sears maintains this is irony.

    He’s wrong. Irony is amusing.

    His publication is many things – amusing is definitely not one of them.

  2. patrick says:

    Really? This insane drivel is keeping you up at night? A brain dead zombie (and not in a good zombie way) is spewing forth from his basement and wants the world to know. Good. I want the world, or at least the police and intelligence agencies to know as well, just in case. If a follower is gained from something that strikes me as Monty Python on acid then there is nothing you or anyone can do about it since that individual was looking for such an environment. You can’t fix mental and it will find its niche. I’d rather know where that niche is than having these pus bags fester unseen under a rock. This infantile and pathetic rag made me laugh. Yes, it vulgarly hits all the points: multiple conspiracies, xenophobia, I’m OK, You’re Not OK, the fear of boobies and an overwhelming lust and hatred for good looking men (sure you hate our Prime Minister so much you had to put him in twice), so what? It’s a babbling spew of brain damaged dreck. If we get offended because an idiot is an idiot we will have a tough time in life. I don’t think being offensively ignorant is a crime. It is an across the board hatred of everything that it’s impossible to take seriously.
    It even takes a shot at a rock star.
    These bastards are dissing Bowie.
    Of fuck that.
    They die.

    • Warren says:

      The rest of us can’t treat it as lightly when it is landing in thousands of family mailboxes, where kids are seeing it and reading it.

      • patrick says:

        Thousands of kids are putting down their phones, iPods, computers, xboxes, and disconnecting from the internet, email, FaceTime, Facebook, instagram, chat lines etc. (where none of this dreck exists) to…. check….. for….. snail mail.

        Must be a new trend.

        (yeah, this is going to cost me)

        (Though, there must be a way for people to be able to refuse it’s delivery if it’s a concern.)

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