03.29.2016 06:49 AM

Information for Ontario Liberals

We would have liked to attend the Heritage Dinner tonight, but we’ll be at Leon Korbee’sĀ funeral visitation tonight instead.



  1. Mike says:

    Got to love the insiders who are so principled that they talk to reporters, but not principled enough to resign and give up the perks of power.

  2. Kaiser Helmets & Motorbikes says:

    You win Warren. You and your friends at Queens Park managed to brainwash 13 million people. The PC party under little Pat Brown is a disaster, the NDP is lost in the wilderness – You own Ontario now. I’ve never understood how any thinking person can support such corruption, but then again, I was raised in a dying community, brought low by public sector corruption, so maybe I’m a bit bias.

    Your Liberal party is in complete control of the province, and the rest of us have become Winston Smith.

    Those of us not employed in the public sector go to work before dark on broken down buses to earn enough to pay our taxes; our health care levy; our drive clean tax & 4.3 cent a litre carbon tax (assuming we can afford a car); and on and on and on.

    We vote for the people you put forward every four years, and we exist so that you and your fellow Liberal party members can live the lives of luxury you always dreamed you deserved.

    I suppose those of us with enough youth, or enough private sector freedom, can just get the F outta here…

    Ontario reminds me of Nova Scotia circa 1990. For those of you who have never experienced the full effects of Nova Scotia style government corruption or the rot of wholesale public sector taxation & economic intervention, let me assure you it is ugly.

    Say goodbye to your kids, and forget about grand-kids living in the same time zone, or the same country, forget about rising real estate prices, forget about a better life.

    Gotta go, I can hear my local Liberal riding association president calling me now, “shut up and bring your Liberal master another glass of California wine, and clean this table, stupid serf.”


    • Warren says:

      Calm down, for the love of God. I’m not involved with them in any way, shape or form. And all I was doing was letting people know about a friend’s funeral. Don’t be a dick.

    • doconnor says:

      People complain about “corruption”, but never say what they mean. Can you give examples of what corruption you think is occouring?

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