03.15.2016 08:08 PM

On the @CTVNews set…

…with Scott Laurie as my candidate Hillary Clinton speaks! (Yes, that’s my Daisy Group binder prepared by my colleague Arti. Thanks Arti.)



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    Mac says:

    Wow, devastating night for Rubio.

    Trump: Great night, yuge.
    Kasich: Good night –could be chosen as the nominee on the convention floor by the GOP in rejection of Trump by establishment.
    Cruz: Disappointing night. He’s just not competing with Trump for the same voter base.
    Clinton: Best night; inevitable Democrat nominee.
    Bernie: The “bern” is is fading quickly. He can’t succeed in toppling Hillary because of all the anti-Trump fear.
    Rubio: Will regret stooping down to Trump’s level with childish penis comments.

    All in all, pivotal night.

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    monkey says:

    While far from over Clinton’s win in Ohio was huge as this is a key swing state and had she lost here it might have put a dent in her momentum. Florida and North Carolina were never in question for her and even if Sanders narrowly squeaks out a win in Illinois and Missouri, he still didn’t get the big one. For the GOP, Rubio is toast and Trump’s win in Florida was big. But Kasich’s win in Ohio does put a dent as well Cruz in both Missouri and North Carolina put up a strong second so I don’t think Trump has the nomination locked up by any means. I think many in the GOP realize choosing him is a suicide wish. Ironically Kasich is the only one left who I think could beat Clinton, but unless some deal is cut on the convention floor, it is pretty unlikely he will pull it off. I am hoping Clinton wins the Democratic nomination as Sanders is too unrealistic as well as he wants to rip up NAFTA like Trump which would be bad for Canada. For the GOP, I favour Kasich who is the most reasonable and could actually make the party more electable but it seems there maybe too many crazies for him to win.

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      George Hampton says:

      Yep, 500,000 jobs lost since NAFTA was signed. It’s been a winner for us.

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      davie says:

      For 3 o r4 weeks (as long as I have looked at their polls) Kasich has been the Repub who does best in a national election, against either Democrat.

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    George Hampton says:

    I’m not sure why anyone in their right mind would support Hillary. She has so much baggage it’s not even funny, the Democrats would’ve been better off with Sanders but I guess people are comfortable with more of the same when it comes to politicians.

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      davie says:

      Some baggage we were involved with is Libya. Depends how much info about the crap that we in the West pulled to attack Libya gets into the mainstream media. Her witty “We came, we saw, he died.’ might come back to hit her in the butt.

      (For example: Why did we bomb the irrigation system? Hardly an R2P action!)

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    Mike says:

    Interesting bit of irony.

    Trump’s Florida estate, Mar A Lago was donated to the US government by Marjorie Post to be a presidential retreat. When the costs of upkeep proved too high, the government gave it back to the Post family, who sold it to Donald Trump for $10 million.

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