03.14.2016 11:12 AM

See that simply wild CTV/W5 report on the weekend?

Wonderful to see some good, old-fashioned investigative work again – the subject-matter being massive, bald-faced auto insurance fraud. Links here and here. Crazy stuff. Congrats, CTV (and Aviva, the company that caught it first).




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  1. davie says:

    In Chaucer’s ‘Canterbury Tales,’ there are introductions to each of the pilgrims before we get the story by that pilgrim. In the intro to one character (it might be the apothecary…I cannot remember exactly) Chaucer describes how the physician sends the patient to the apothecary for a fake medicine, then the apothecary gives a kick back to the physician.
    Free enterprise and its networking is what made us great.

    By the way, I understand there is a clause in the Trans Pacific Partnership that extends something criminal sanctions to whistleblowing on private corporations. Reporting blatant situations like this might go unpunished, but journalists will have to be aware of what is in that TPP. A journalist doesn’t want to end up being the subject of one of those TPP secret tribunals.

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