03.01.2016 09:02 PM

The smiling Democrat

This guy over @HillaryClinton’s shoulder  hasn’t stopped smiling. Love it.



  1. R News says:

    Quite the speech. She seemed awfully down on how things are, and how many things need to be healed and fixed in America. Does she know there’s been a Democratic president for the last 8 years? Did she say America was and still is Great, but it was in some kind of a hole? Her message doesn’t seem very connected to reality. Mayber her Wall Street friends who live off that horrible student debt and send jobs overseas will change their minds about things if Hillary wins the presidency.

    • Michael Bluth says:

      Make America great again.


      Make America whole again.

      As political geeks which message resonates more?

      I really wonder who wrote that line for her. There has to be better messaging for Hillary. Doesn’t there?

  2. Jack D says:

    When you know the women you’ve just voted for is going to be taking on an asshole who willingly accepts the support of David Duke, you’ve got reason to smile.

    Ironically, with each day that passes and Donald Trump gets closer to the GOP ticket, it gives more reason for Democrats to smile. The Hillary/Democrat campaign will eviscerate Trump if he ends up being her opponent. He won’t stand a chance on the stage debating Clinton if he goes for the same highfalutin, sexist shit he normally does.

    • R News says:

      “willingly accepts the support of David Duke” – you believe the things you write? You must also believe the things the progressive media write for your reading pleasure, no matter how untrue it might be.

  3. nobonus4nonis says:

    it doesn’t matter what she or the Trumpet says. you’re being played. the country is run by and owned by the Koch brothers and Goldman Sachs. the minute she’s elected the same wall street dipshits will be circling to pick over the last bones that are left. Obama did it and so will she.

    how bad is it? The koch bros have managed to force those who install solar panels in florida to pay a levy for not using fossil fuels. the koch bros know that if they can win their battles at the state level what Frank or Francine Underwood do in Washington means squat. theyve won and the donald and hilary are the losers.
    go ahead read the article and weep. it’s a long read which most people can’t do anymore but it’s worth it.

    • Art says:

      I read nothing but Republican roadblocks and Democratic boosterism and backing for solar energy. It’s totally inappropriate to claim Dems are the same as Repubs.

      • nobonus4nonis says:

        good point but when it gets this corrupt you wonder how much longer we can stand the strain before the frog finally boils to death.

  4. davie says:

    We had a woman in top political office; she was appointed, but we had a woman as Prime Minister.
    If Clinton becomes president, then USA will catch up with several South American, Central American and Caribbean nations that have elected women to the top post.

    They will also catch up with 7 or 8 Muslim nations that have elected women to the top posts.

    North America…we’re coming along.

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