03.08.2016 09:10 AM

The War Room it is

The people have spoken! (And thank you.)

The rejigged web site shall be branded thusly:


(That won’t be the font, but you get the basic idea.)

And, to those many, many folks who expressed interest in writing, thank you – we will be back to you soon, once the redesign is further along.




  1. Mike says:

    For the logo are you going to superimpose the R on top of the W, with a red, white and blue colour scheme, and add in a green pot leaf in the middle of it all, so that no one knows what it is?

    Oh sorry, I was thinking of the new Ontario PC logo.

    • Warren says:

      Ha! Quite busy, isn’t it?

      • Cath says:

        For the logo? A drawing of your own creation….a WK War Room original a.k.a “Bart the Political Fish” or “Roxy the MOST Political Lab.”

    • Harvey Bushell says:

      I’m not sure what that green thing in the middle is supposed to be but it looks like a hop bud. I’m guessing that’s some sort of subliminal message about drinking a 12 pack and voting PC. Or something.

    • Dave says:

      The designers mistook the assignment and were actually on PCP when they created it.

  2. lou says:

    In related news, The Liberal Government has announced that they will be changing the name of this website to the “Selfie symposium” to greater reflect the Role of the PM. New slogan. “War bad, Photoshop good.” Please ensure that all submissions come from the heart and avoid fact and reality whenever possible.

  3. Robert K. says:

    Late to the game here but I would have voted for…. WarrenKinsella.com

    Maybe boring but it (you) are already a brand.

    Looking forward to the website revamp for reasons of that iPhone thingy.

  4. Mervyn Norton says:

    Still think The Warren Room would have been a better choice, since less (or more subtly) derivative.

    The War Room: 1993 “documentary of the Bill Clinton 1992 presidential campaign and the organization who ran it.”
    War Room: 2015 movie wherein “Miss Clara encourages a couple to find happiness through prayer.”

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