04.26.2016 06:27 PM

Waiting for Super Tuesday results? 

Sing along with SFH’s song about The Donald!


  1. Charlie K says:

    At this point, if Hillary cleans up today, Sanders has no purpose sticking around anymore.

    If Bernie doesn’t start transitioning out of the campaign and conceding to Clinton and building a more cordial tone towards her, his presence is only going be counter-productive going forward. He’s draining time, energy and money away from the Democratic campaign in preparation for the general.

    I like Sanders, I think he’s great and all but he’s a losing case and the longer he sticks around the more self-important he’ll look. I think he’s succeeded in pushing Clinton to the left of her traditionally sketchy record on progressive ideas.

    On the flip side with the Republicans; wow, this is going to be fantastically entertaining.

    As much disdain as I hold for Trump, he deserves to be the GOP nominee and has earned it in his own rights by this point. If Cruz that snake gets in the way someone or even robs Trump of his democratic support, that is going to be hell not only for the GOP but for democracy in the US.

    Plus, Trump candidacy equals Clinton presidency.

  2. Matt says:


    Looks like Cruz is going to finish last in 4 of the 5 Republican primary races tonight, and a distant second in the 5th.

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