05.11.2016 06:56 AM

All lined up, battery brides

For reasons I do not fully ken, these two Eighties gems popped into my head this morning. I am a sucker for a weirdo bass line.

Useless facts: one guy was in both bands. Can you name him?

I interviewed XTC a million times. They are great guys.


  1. Neil says:

    Barry Andrews of course.
    I like “My spine is the base line.”

  2. westcoastjim says:

    I was fortunate to XTC at the Commodore in Vancouver in March 1980. Barry Andrews had left by then – but oh what a show. I went with a classmate of mine who was dating one of the members of the “Young Canadians” who was the opening act. We went backstage and met the band – and if you have been backstage at the Commodore you know it is dark, danky crowded and sticky – and had a great time. A really nice group of guys and oh so talented. I still mourn their passing.

    The Setlist was:

    1. Bushman President (Homo Safari No. 2)
    2. Beatown
    3. Real by Reel
    4. When You’re Near Me I Have Difficulty
    5. Life Begins at the Hop
    6. The Rhythm
    7. Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!)
    8. Scissor Man
    9. Heatwave
    10. Helicopter
    11. This Is Pop
    12. Battery Brides
    13. Instant Tunes
    14. Crowded Room
    15. Are You Receiving Me?
    16. Complicated Game
    17. Making Plans for Nigel
    18. Outside World
    19. Dance Band
    20. Statue of Liberty

  3. Sir John Johns says:

    Whew…thought I was alone veering toward lunacy having XTC in high rotation the last few weeks! Give ‘Travels in Nihilon’ (Black Sea) a fresh listen for some very intense bass/drums…unlike anything else they ever did. Smart guys…their best stuff still sounds fresh.

    • westcoastjim says:

      You might want to check our “It’s Nearly Africa” from English Settlement and “Train Running Low on Soul Coal” from The Big Express

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