05.31.2016 08:07 AM

Bumpersticker sums up what everyone feels about politics

In the U.S. and everywhere else, too. (H/T Richard Madan.)

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  1. Joe says:

    So the American’s options are a Kook, A Quack and a Crook. Decisions decisions.

    • davie says:

      An American could at least consider Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, two people who are competent and present a believable integrity.
      But, that would add a few more decisions to your list.

      I am wondering if the presidential choices offered by the 2 big brand name parties will have people paying a lot more attention to congressional and state legislature races.
      I am wondering, too, if the next few years will see a whole lot more Americans trying to make improvements in their electoral system.

  2. patrick says:

    That was a laugh out loud. Oh sorry. LOL. Thanks.

  3. Amrazment says:

    I feel like Donald Trump realizes the foretelling of the rapture. Although I also feel like a Krispy Creme donut, a purple light sabre, and some pheno-barbitol, so I’m a little (a lot) less dependable than you’d want me to be. Trump will win. The other branches of the executive will have to refuse him his agenda on constitutional grounds. And the inbred piglets with cloven hooves that are his base constituency may slouch the greatest Republic that the world has ever known back to civil war and revolution. Which, as y’all might remember, is exactly what Trump called for when Obama won. Anyhoo, I think he has a bunch of tumours in his head, which might actually explain his hair.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The more third-party candidates, the better. Even Trump knows that will sink him.

  5. Wayne says:


    So your a Trump supporter now, because all I hear from the Left and Right is how he is going to destroy everything. LOL

  6. Richard says:

    I still support Cthulhu 2016 – why settle for the lesser evil?

  7. davie says:

    It almost seems a dante-esque descent as if the race is to see which of the 2 main party nominees will be arrested first.

    I know, no one wants to take a chance a vote for a 3rd party, but I notice that Gary Johnson once again has the nomination for the Libertarian Party, and Jill Stein ( a politician I admire muchly) will again represent the Green Party.

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