05.06.2016 08:35 AM

Highly-scientific poll: reaction to stuff Justin Trudeau did

For the Liberal Prime Minister, it was quite a week. It was like there were two Justin Trudeaus – one, a serious Prime Ministerial leader type, and one who was entirely the opposite.

He does both, almost simultaneously, and he pulls it off.  Or does he?  Vote now, vote often! And add your comments, too, below.

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  1. cynical says:

    I think he’s more genuine that he gets credit for, and also that he’s an extrovert with a much younger mindset than we’re used to. He does lots of stuff that makes me cringe, but I still think there’s a lot of authenticity there.
    After the Harper years, I’m prepared to grant the guy a lot of room, as long as his policy moves aren’t completely bone-headed.
    I don’t like the inconsistency, and I don’t like the hypocrisy of making promises that aren’t kept. But there’s a human-ness (?) there that I like.

  2. gyor says:

    I don’t like Trudeau, I can’t stand him, but showing Rona such compassion was a really descent thing to do, it was the right thing to do.

  3. Charlie K says:

    Taking a break from the incessant Trudeau-nit-picking, I’m curious to hear what people think about what CPC MPs just did to Mauril Belanger’s PMB today.

    The man is dying, and the classiest of classy Conservatives opted to ensure he sat there and watched as they buried his bill to change give the anthem equal language for men and women.

    But sure, Trudeau does some push-ups and we lose our f*cking minds in outrage; CPC MPs refuse a dying man’s honourable last wish to make Canada’s anthem inclusive of 50% of our population and not a god-damned peep from the Conservatives.


    • JH says:

      The MPs did their thing as they always do on private members bill. And many want to get their opinions on the record, for the home folks. It’s normal. In my area I’d say most don’t want a change, but then again, our MP is such a doofus, he’d never untangle his feet long enough to rise on them and say so. Another media manufactured tempest in a teapot, although in this case Patriquin on P & P got if right for a change. Surprising in itself.

  4. Vancouverois says:

    I wasn’t aware of the Ambrose hug, so I don’t have an opinion on that.

    I don’t think the Star Wars joke was particularly appropriate, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. What is a bigger deal (to me) is how the CBC glossed over it completely.

    The Invictus clip was indeed puerile, show-offy, and un-Prime Ministerial. The videos between the President and Prince were moderately amusing; but they had nothing to do with Trudeau. When he inserted himself into it he just looked like he was an attention-grabbing show-off.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The medium is indeed the message. But inevitably, it cuts both ways. Justin has to schedule Trudeau fatigue for the end of a second mandate. So far, the PM is flirting with it ahead of schedule. Beware the saturation point. That’s a killer, politically.

  6. Charles N Waggett says:

    Trudeau’s handing of everything from the WE affair to his picks for cabinet (their following ejection) to the covid vaccine are clearly a window into a person who is in way over his head. Many a company goes down when the father hands it down to the son. This just another case of political bankruptsy. You cannot expect a boy to do a man’s job.

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