05.20.2016 10:52 AM

Kudos to PMO and Justice staff

It can now be revealed: neo-Nazi Paul Fromm (and Your Ward News supporter) was going to use Parliament Hill for a press conference this week. And senior staffers at PMO and Justice stopped it.

In all the manhandling and elbowing of the past week, it was an easy story to miss. But the PMO and Justice folks didn’t. The minute they heard Fromm was trying to use a Hill press conference room to spread his venom, they swung into action and stopped it. A confirming report is found here.

They’ve had a truly shit week up there, and their boss deserves the shit he’s gotten, at home and at work. But his senior staff deserve kudos for their action in the Fromm case.


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    Jean A Paterson says:

    Agree that we should be paying attention to positive news at least some of the time. The mainstream media gets in a feeding frenzy over some topics at the expense of others that deserve notice.

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