05.16.2016 08:17 AM


This is insane.

When something this horrible happens, we need to stop, and carefully assess whether we – and our elected leaders, and the police, and everyone else who is paid to pay attention – are doing what needs to be done.

Don’t just ignore this, don’t turn the page. Contact your representatives, and ask them: what are you doing about this? What are doing to ensure this never happens again?



  1. Pipes says:

    Not being the kind of person how does nothing about anything except state opinions on your web site, I will make my annual call for the restoration of Capital Punishment. I then will be subjected to polite chastisement. CP is part of the solution.

  2. BillBC says:

    I read it, I didn’t ignore it, I didn’t turn the page, and I’m horrified and dismayed.

    You ask that we assess whether we are doing “what needs to be done.” I ask you: what do you think needs to be done?

  3. peter friesen says:

    I’m not outraged. Why is this police spokesperson claiming everyone is outraged. Why is he speaking for me.

  4. Ian Howard says:

    It will happen again and again.

    We have a large number of people who exist beyond the border of what is considered the societal norm. Effectively they are the heterogeneous and either by choice or social determinants have no place in what is considered useful.

    This problem has been a long time in the making and with the fragmentation of the family and social institutions that reinforced conventional norms and identity the alienation and discontent is beyond the scope of our elected officials to remedy, who at best represent the triumph of mediocrity.

    Get used to it out children are increasingly find their guidance and validation on social media not within the social contract.

  5. doconnor says:

    There is no evidence harsher sentence would make a difference. The person who did this was probably not weighing 25 to life in prison verses capital punishment at the time. He probably considered his life all but over, anyway, even though after 25 his life probably would had settled down to a hum-drum existence if he wasn’t face a extended jail term.

    Legalizing marijuana would greatly reduce the money earned by gangs, reducing their allure.

    • Matt says:

      “Legalizing marijuana would greatly reduce the money earned by gangs, reducing their allure”

      Actually, no, no it won’t.

      Cigarette’s are legal (for anyone over 19), regulated and taxed. Organized crime still rake in BILLIONS every year from contraband tobacco. Last study I saw a couple years ago showed just in Ontario and Quebec contraband tobacco was a $3.5 billion dollar a year business. It’s so bad Ontario is now creating a special enforcement team just for contraband tobacco products.

      Legalizing weed may put a slight dent in the cash the crime groups bring in for a short time, but they’ll adapt.

  6. Matt says:

    Several family and friends are officers with Toronto Police.

    More than a couple have told me that shootings in Toronto have increased 48% since “carding” was stopped.

    Now, I understand correlation doesn’t necessarily equal causation – It is still interesting.

    • Ian Howard says:

      I’ve worked in Rexdale for forty years. I believe what we are seeing is caused by increasing competition between different ethnic and economic interests and pervasive social media which allows for real time tracking.
      Legalized pot will not compete on the basis of price and ease of procurement. If it puts pressure on the market it may lead to more violence and a wider range of product.
      As to stiffer penalties there isn’t a more dangerous or punitive prison than the John Garland neighborhood.

  7. KingPrick says:

    This young woman happened to be a friend of a colleague that I also consider a friend and the truth is: It’s what makes Toronto shit. Can’t we just admit it. The police are corrupt, the criminals are corrupt and every level of government is corrupt because they refuse to anything about either.

  8. Glen says:

    This is what will come of this:

    Federal legislation will be introduced to make life difficult for the hunters & sport shooters in rural Canada. All in the name of “safety”. That it does nothing for safety or to prevent incidents like this is moot – at least something “will be done”.

  9. e.a.f. says:

    This will happen again and everyone will be outraged again. Nothing changes.

    there maybe a need for more police with better patrolling. better programs for young people so they don’t get involved in gangs and the drug trade.

    there is a need to spend more time on ensuring guns are taken off the street.

    there is a need for the community to start saying what these people do is bad.

    will any of it get done? not so much. that would require commitment and money. its just easier to go oh, dear how awful and that is all that is going to happen. nothing will change.

    I live in B.C. and we have had more than a few of these types of situations, people getting killed in drive bys and nothing changes. As I’ve maintained, it is not until 10 middle class people per month are killed, will anything change.

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