05.31.2016 07:57 AM

Social media giants oppose hate?

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Talk is cheap.  Words minus actions equals zero, as my friend Joey Keithley says.



  1. Rene Gauthier says:

    Are you by any chance referring to Joey Shithead of DOA?

    Loved that video “Where Evil Grows”, with homage to Terry Jacks!

  2. Joe says:

    When we can ALL agree on what is hate then we may well come up with a sound policy. However one woman’s free expression is another woman’s hate speech. While I oppose those who go out of their way to slander any religion I also oppose attempts to restrict criticism of any religion. While I don’t support the criticism of anyone because of their gender or sexual orientation or race, I don’t support those who would stop anyone from fair criticism of a person because of their gender or sexual orientation or race.

  3. Eric Weiss says:

    Facebook is a joke in dealing with that sort of thing. I reported all of the sites that the hate group Soldiers of Odin have set up to recruit other racists and spread their Islamophobic hate speech. Every time I would get a message saying they haven’t violated their rules.

    • davie says:

      I know, racism and other bigotries have serious outcomes…but sometimes I get a chuckle from the names we assign to ourselves (groups like this), weapons, and assorted other harmful phenomena.

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