05.07.2016 09:53 PM

The NBA needs to suspend Wade


  1. PJH says:

    Pretty disgraceful display…..they need to suspend the dude that was passing the ball to him too…….he showed just as much ignorance……

  2. Pipes says:

    Every passing minute, that waits for punishment, trivializes the offence. If they are going to discipline him they need to do it right now or forget it. If they let him get away with it, others will find attention seeking behaviours and it won’t end.

    When I become the NBA President, there will be changes.

  3. P. Brenn says:

    wat a knob…big wallet small brain syndrome

  4. Charlie K says:

    Not to defend Dwayne Wade (because it was a bit of a dick move), but there are a shit-tonne of people walking around and talking while the anthem is going on as well. Who ever is doing the event management for the Heat is beyond terrible at his/her job. Wade wouldn’t be taking non-stop free throws if half the arena wasn’t busy nonchalantly walking around looking for their seats and having a good chat.

    Either they sent that girl out way too early to sing the anthem or event staff don’t know how to get people properly seated before the start of anthems.

    Suspend or fine Wade, but the NBA should probably tell American Airlines Arena to get their shit straight too.

  5. Bill Templeman says:

    Don Cherry has wrapped himself in the flag so often he could be disguised as an Oh Canada Mummy. Would like to see the national anthems relegated to international competitions like the Olympics, et al. Take them out of the NHL, NBA, MLB, etc. Having said all that, there is something intensely tribal and bonding about rising in public together in song. There used to issues with people not standing at the Bell Centre for the US national anthem during early Iraq War days.

    If Biyombo (Congo) or Valanciunas (Lithuania) or, may the gods forbid, Corey Joseph (Canada) –Note for non-hoops fans: These are Toronto Raptor basketball players– ever shoot baskets while the US national anthem plays, Trump, Limbaugh and all of Fox News would declare war on the spot.

  6. patrick says:

    Yeah, how dare he let his personal superstition (getting the last 3) over ride that nationally ingrained superstition of standing still for a song (proving unending fidelity, worship, greatness, beauty, truth, of subject nation blah blah blah.)

    I suggest flogging.

    In public.

    Dammit we need more crazed nationalism and mindless idolatry in this country.

    Oh and now that we are upset that team of American’s called the Raptors are going to win one for Canada for sure.

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