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They are so, so screwed




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    davie says:

    Priebus starting the come together stuff to get after Clinton. They can train their guns on Clinton now.
    Looks like Clinton has run into a hiccup with Sanders winning Indiana tonight. Maybe Clinton will have to get after Sanders a bit more before her nomination is finalized.

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      ben Tremblay says:

      What does self-satisfied contempt look like? well, how’s this:
      “Priebus starting the come together stuff to get after Clinton. They can train their guns on Clinton now.
      Looks like Clinton has run into a hiccup with Sanders winning Indiana tonight. Maybe Clinton will have to get after Sanders a bit more before her nomination is finalized.”

      “davie”, ever heard of “hermetic”? how about “sophistry”?

      Fact is, you’re so far gone, no way a grunt like me can even touch base with you. (“Impedance mismatch”, cretin.)
      Of more import? nobody but nobody can touch base with you … “loose cannon” works except that it values your mettle. I doubt that.

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        davie says:

        Thanks. We should have coffee sometime. We could bandy metaphors.

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    Victor Wong says:

    Actually, they’ve *always* been screwed. This is just reality catching up.

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    Rob says:

    And we’re so much better off http://www.nbcnews.com/video/watch-justin-trudeau-s-macho-challenge-to-obama-prince-harry-678351427933

    Does he think he’s still in High School?

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      Derek Pearce says:

      I don’t think you realize that Trudeau won the election. In your analogy it’s actually the CPC that was screwed.

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      cynical says:

      No, but a lot of his voters are.

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    Barry says:

    Secretary Clinton needs to be mindful of the Sanders Campaign but it should nor longer be viewed as a credible threat to her nomination; a threat that was put to rest on the 26th of April. She needs to husband her resources and expand her war chest in preparation for the upcoming general election battle with Trump. Once the Indiana delegates are proportionally allocated, Senator Sanders will only see a net increase of about 5 delegates. Secretary Clinton will still have a lead of over 300 pledged delegates. This narrow Sanders ‘victory’ only ensures that there is one less state from a rapidly dwindling collection (that has yet to vote) from which he can mine delegates. To add insult to injury, New Jersey and California which are the last two remaining state contests having the largest number of delegates yet to be allocated are polling double digit leads for Clinton. The delegate math (the only calculation that has ever mattered in this contest) for him is brutal, insurmountable and clear. Senator Sanders has no path to the nomination.
    Its time to pivot and suit up for the general election.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      And if Bernie is waiting for superdelegates to defect to him, he needs to know that he’s no Senator Barack Obama…

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    Charlie K says:

    They would’ve been screwed either way.

    In fact, they’ve been screwed since 2012. Its been a downward spiral for the GOP ever since and Cruz and Trump are a byproduct of the catastrophe that is the Republican Party.

    But putting that aside, this is by no means the end:

    Ted Cruz has only suspended his campaign; come convention time, he still has delegates tied to him. So do Rubio, Carson and Kasich. Ted Cruz has made it obvious that he will try whatever angle he can to steal the nomination from Trump and I wouldn’t doubt his determination. I expect a lot preparation will be going on in camp Cruz in the coming weeks leading up to the convention.

    Suspending his campaign actually works in Cruz’s favour. He can lay-off staff and cut his expenses. From what I understand, his PAC’s can still raise money. This allows Cruz to step away from the mudslinging with Trump and let Tangy McOrangeface bathe in all the limelight he wants. With no one to shit on from the Republican side, he’ll have to start directing his rhetoric at Clinton and knowing Trump, he’s gonna say something horrible. This time, its not for Republican consumption only, it’ll be for all voters. He’s locked in his own votes, but he can still drive away undecideds/independents with his comments.

    Of course, this is still incredibly duplicitous of Cruz. If he attempts to rob delegates on the second ballot on the scale that has been suggested, he’ll piss off a lot of Trump supporters.

    On the Dem side, Sanders really needs to drop the hell out. Now that Trump is the only one left standing on the GOP side, Hillary needs to be the person who the support should coalesce around. Its time to get the show on the road and Bernie is just a distraction at this point. He’s made his point, got his message out but Hillary needs to focus her attention purely on the general.

    (Intersting idea: Bernie for VP, if they can reconcile their differences).

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      doconnor says:

      Without Cruz continuing to campaign to get more delegates, there won’t be a second ballot. The one good thing about this is there probably won’t be violence at the convention. Beyond that there are no guarantees.

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        Charlie K says:

        It is my understanding that even though Cruz has suspended his campaign, he can still pick up delegates. While I don’t expect voters to suddenly flock to him now that he’s dropped out, picking up a few delegates here and there is not out of the realm of possibility.

        Mathematically though, it is clear that Trump is too far ahead at this point to be challenged at the convention. Even if Cruz won California entirely, he would still be far behind to challenge on the first ballot.

        That said, I find the abrupt end to Cruz’s campaign slightly odd given the “pedal to the medal” (even if headed straight for a brick wall) rhetoric that Ted had been spouting. Surely they must’ve known that they weren’t going to compete with Trump on a state-to-state basis so the entirety of the past week seems pointless. I thought, by naming Fiorina as his “VP” candidate, Cruz was playing the long game right up until the convention.

        Still, the convention is going to be interesting to say the least. A lot of emotions and passion going in.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Bernie wants to “force” a radical left platform on Hillary. Good luck with that.

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        Charlie K says:

        He’s done about as much agenda pushing as he possibly can. Now the discussion is going to shift to differences between Clinton and Trump; both in policy and temperament. Hillary doesn’t have time to be placating Bernie supporters by trying to appear more progressive. Sanders-Democrats should know that if Sanders doesn’t bow out sooner rather than later, it’ll only pave a longer run way for Trump and they’ll never realize any of their demands.

        Bernie should be focusing on reconciling differences with Hillary so she can ask him to be his running mate. He could be way more effective as a VP than driving his campaign bus into Hillary’s campaign HQ.

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    Kevin Cassidy says:

    Warren – you have to consider who he will be running against… is Hillary the worst and most compromised Democratic nominee in United States history? I say she is!

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    Brammer says:

    Could this spell the end of the GOP?

    I say this not because Trump is the presumptive nominee, but because all of the Representatives and 1/3 of the Senators are up for election in November. Trump will be the third rail for those campaigns.

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    Greyapple says:

    Many Democrats and liberal/progressive voters seem giddy at the prospect of a Trump headed GOP, anticipating a Democratic landslide in the fall. They may well be right (Good God, I hope they’re right), but I would not be too cocky just yet. November is a long way off, and Trump, against all odds, and common sense and decency, just routed the GOP establishment; why could he not do the same to the Democratic establishment?

    Hilary Clinton has many fine attributes and is eminently qualified for the job, but she is not invincible. Among her list of good qualities you will not find “good campaigner.” Both of her runs for the nomination were at the outset predicted to be cakewalks for her. But, as we all know, she lost the 2008 nomination to a (relative) political neophyte, and has had to fight tooth and nail to beat back an insurgency from a scruffy, septuagenarian, socialist who is barely a member of the Democratic party. Dissatisfaction with her plainly runs deep within her own ranks, to say nothing of the GOP legions who despise her.

    Furthermore, she is just not charismatic or, frankly, all that likeable. She always struggles in the “authenticity” category, and appears entirely ill at ease when attempting to connect with the average voter; something her husband and Obama could do at ease. The counter argument may be that her lack of charisma is negated by her experience and intelligence. In a rational world I’d be inclined to agree, but politics is only tentatively connected to rationality, and a good chunk of the modern voting public seems to want “someone I can have a beer with” in high office rather than a polished policy wonk. Don’t believe me, just ask Presidents Al Gore or John Kerry……oh, right.

    Don’t get me wrong, we’re I an American I’d be devoting my spare time to ensuring her election, especially when she’s up against the likes of Trump. His massive negatives with key voting blocks may doom him, but I’m not certain he can’t pull it off. He’s tapped into a vein of anti-establishment, anti-status quo anger (as has Sanders). His use of anti-free trade, protectionist rhetoric could prove potent come November. The American working class has not had a candidate that (feigned) concern for their plight for sometime. Trump has fashioned himself as the anti-establishment, “everyman” candidate, who will bring jobs back from those awful foreigners. Sure, it’s ironic given his wealth and social class, but he’s spent his adult life around construction sites, in the popular tabloids, and on low brow television. He knows what the common man likes, how to work a crowd, and exploit the media; his success in the primaries is evidence of that.

    Here’s hoping reason prevails this fall, but I will not be at ease until Clinton is declared the winner. Trump has been underestimated for the past 10 months, and now has a reasonable shot at the White House. I hope the Democrats are more capable at beating him back than the hapless Republicans.

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    Charlie K says:

    In a gesture of massive irony, Bernie supporters are demanding that Hillary dropout for what are incoherently illogical reasons.

    Essentially, they’re looking for the Democrats to shoot themselves in the foot right in front of the finish line.

    How is “#gohomeBernie” not trending on Twitter yet?

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      Matt says:

      Um, maybe because polls show Bernie is the clear favorite to beat Trump, practically doubling the average spread Clinton enjoys.

      Yes, he has to get the nom first, but a) it’s still possible and b) if you accept as truth that ‘they are so, so screwed’ should Trump win in November, then why not hedge bets with the candidate more likely to beat him?



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        Charlie K says:

        a) No, its not possible. The math doesn’t work in Bernie’s favour and the prospect of winning the nomination is based on a hope and prayer that 100% of the super-delagates will swing their support behind Sanders on the first ballot.

        b) Sander’s temporary popularity is hardly a reason to dump the entirety of the Democratic political capital into supporting him as the nominee this late into the primary process.

        For the record, I’m a fan of Bernie Sanders and sympathize with a lot of his opinions. I think the US needs a figure like Sanders to combat the festering oligarchy that is prospering under complacency in that country. And, like many, I don’t find Clinton to be all that convincing. But if this were a matter of hedging bets, then I can’t see a way for Sanders to compete with the bombastic, charismatic character of Trump. Say what you will about Clinton, but her depth of intelligence on a variety of policies far out weighs the revolutionary rhetoric of Sanders. If I want someone to go up against Trump, I want Trump to look like a 8th grade dropout with a tenuous grasp governance. Clinton, for all her uninspiring speeches, still makes Trump looks like a sociopathic ego-maniac. I don’t know if Sanders alone could achieve that.

        Look, at the end of the day, Sanders has to decide whether he wants to continue hammering Clinton on her progressive bonafides and making her even more unlikable while gaining nothing in delegates; or, get on the Clinton train now and on the ticket as VP. He can be the new Joe Bidden, just with more influence over the Clinton’s campaign. It would also show unity on the Democratic side and highly the dissolution on the GOP side.

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    Take Dead Aim says:

    when he made the mexican wall crack, i was sure he was done, when he questioned John McCain’s patriotism, i was sure he was done, when he said ‘bleeding out of wherever”, i was sure he was done, punish women for getting abortions? Must be over now. Nope. Break international law and start assassinating women and children of known terrorists? Still going.

    i’m done waiting for the American public to wake up. If they haven’t yet they’re not going to. The bar of expectation is so low now with Donald that i really don’t think there’s anything that he can say that will put him out of this election.

    Hillary is so unlikable that the Republican Trump haters will probably hold their nose and vote for Trump over Hillary. The presidency it totally and completely up for grabs. The 70% unfavorable with women is the only thing stopping me from saying Trump will win.

    One thing is for certain, this is going to be one of the most disgusting general elections in US history. It’s going to get very very ugly.

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    PJH says:

    So much for not being beholden to special interests…..Donald Trump picks National Finance Chairman for Trump’s SuperPac……..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H87pYkjatM

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