06.08.2016 09:51 AM

A woman is going to be the next President of the United States

About time, too.



  1. Luke says:

    Better her than Trump, and the prediction markets and polls are supporting that outcome, for now at least. I still wonder if the Democrats made the wrong choice.

  2. Darren H says:

    What a horrible election. Terrible choices on both sides. The key for you guys to get Hillary elected? Back off the constant attacks on Trump. He is being made to look more and more as an outsider when the political and media establishment try to rail against him. There seems to be a massive appetite for an anti-establishment candidate with the working/middle class in America.
    I honestly don’t believe that the USA as it is right now will exist in 30-50 years. Same with Canadian Confederation, especially with this potentially explosive election reform that Canadians don’t want. That is, the ones PMJT hasn’t consulted with.

  3. Wes says:

    Least exciting person ever, crooked too. Too bad they didn’t have better options this time.

  4. My name is Andrew says:

    How does someone as a life long career in politics amass $32 million dollars in net worth?

  5. Kelly says:

    Elizabeth Warren isn’t running, last time I looked.

    If you mean HRC, there is no way she will win. Trump is close in the polls and many people will never admit to supporting him to a pollster, but his support is higher than his numbers suggest, I would guess. White rage is alive and well and Republican Governors have made it a lot harder for poor people of colour to vote this election in many of the States where Hilary needs those votes.

    • davie says:

      Doctor Jill Stein is running. Sanders’ campaign echoes much of what Stein and her party have always had as programmes.

      But then, alas, I have never been very good at supporting candidates with any chance of winning.

    • Jim Keegan says:

      I’m curious how state governors could make it difficult for poor people of colour, or anybody for that matter, to vote.

    • Eric Weiss says:

      Elizabeth Warren sums up Donal Trump perfectly in this speech. It gets really good around 11:45


      I would vote for her in a heartbeat. And I usually skew blue-lib, red-tory.

  6. gyor says:

    I’m betting Trump beats her, but not because she’s a woman, America is ready for a female president, but even America has standards.

  7. Gilbert says:

    I’m not convinced Hillary will win. Voters know she’s not so clean.

  8. Charlie says:

    But what does that mean?

    Its fantastic that a women as experience, intelligent and formidable as Hillary has/will finally be able to break a glass ceiling, but what does her Presidency mean for America?

    A United States that is so deeply divides along the line of racial, gender, social and class differences and a United States where nativism, paranoia and anti-establishment is flourishing at astonishing rates. A US where gay marriage is still an issue, where abortion has become a proxy war between left and right and where gun control is moving backwards as opposed to forwards.

    All this despite having the first African American President elected in 08 to 2 successive terms in office; arguably being the most influential and significant Presidents to have served in recent American history. Obama’s Presidency paved a new path forward for minorities who seldom saw themselves as power brokers in a dominated by white men. His Presidency also saw more women (even women of colour) appointed to significant roles in the American judicial and governmental systems.

    The argument I’m trying to make is that Obama has undeniably changed the face of the United States and role different Americans played in their own nation. So coming off his administration, what will Hillary be able to achieve? For all the good Obama has done there are many facets of American life in which Obama has been able to make limited change in — such as the ones I listed in the above.

    Hillary Clinton can and likely will make a significant impact once in office, but what changes can a black, latino, Democrat or even female President make when nearly half the country supports a Trump-like vision of the United States? Is the US a country far too divided to function anymore — to a point where leadership changes have less and less consequences on the direction of the country that behaves more like an obstructionist to its once esteemed societal advancement?

    I was never very optimistic when it came to the future of America to begin with, but this election has shown just how deep the desire to implode as a nation in the US is. If Hillary gets elected, is congress (that might be controlled by Republican) going to do everything they can to prevent her from implementing her agenda, are people going to shoot at the White House constantly because a women is President like they did before when a black was President? Are people going to diminish and devalue the role of POTUS because she’s a female Democrat exercising a power that has historically only been used by white males?

    What does it mean for a women to finally become President a year from now when the whole world will have witnessed the depths to which Donald Trump and his legion of supporters were prepared to go?

    • Rob says:

      “…a year from now when the whole world will have witnessed the depths to which Donald Trump and his legion of supporters were prepared to go?”

      Sorry – maybe I missed the coverage of Trump supporters blocking roads, burning American flags(while waving flags of other nations) and attacking supporters of Clinton/Sanders before and after their campaign events?

      • Charlie says:

        I haven’t absolved any of those people of responsibility who participated in such idiocy, but I certainly won’t turn a blind eye to the abhorrent baiting that Trump and his supporters have been/are indulging in.

        Its been a shameful display on both sides and neither are guiltless in their own behaviour, but if I’m going to measure the incendiary disposition on either side then I will categorically condemn the inflammatory nature of Trump and his supporters. As far as I can tell, Donald Trump is the only one to identify and vilify ethnic groups to the glee of his own supporters. Who, as you’ve evidently forgotten, have been guilty of unprovoked violence at the incitement of Trump himself going back months before the incidents you refer to:


        — but I guess you missed that coverage.

        But moving forward, once Hillary does become President, how many will recall these protests as assaults on peace and how many will recall these protests as the breaking point of a resistance to tyrannical authoritarianism based out of minority scapegoating? I doubt many historians will look back at Trump and his supporters as heroes, just as very few view former Nazi Party members as the engaged patriotic citizens that they thought they were.

  9. Maps Onburt says:

    Wish it was true that the US would get a woman President sometime soon but it definitely won’t be illary – that’s for damn sure. She polls slightly ahead of Trump but there are a hell of a lot of Democrats that are just going to stay home because they won’t vote for a crooked liar who let her own team die so she didn’t look like she made the wrong decision. More people think she’s an evil witch than a woman who deserves the office on her own merits. It just is never going to happen – Sarah Palin has a better shot as ridiculous as that is too. I agree that there are lots of people who feel like they’d rather walk on broken glass barefoot than vote for the Donald as President but he’s also drawing supporters from well outside the Republican Party and, as Kelly said, he out performs his polling by a large margin.

    I’m glad I’m not an American and don’t have to vote for either of them, but unless he promises to nuke the Chinese or someone assassinates him, he’s replacing Obama.

  10. Eric Weiss says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either of them and would spoil my ballot. Trump is a buffoon, Clinton is corrupt. First female POTUS isn’t a good enough excuse to vote for her.


  11. jen says:

    Unfortunately this is way to soon to say. People dismissing Trump sound an awful lot like the people who were dismissing the mediocre B movie actor- Ronald Reagan. Folks underestimate the disconnect between the Democratic Party and working class/poor voters. We may well receive a reality check on election day.

  12. e.a.f. says:

    When Obama was elected I was awe struck. I never thought I’d live long enough because I remember the children trying to go to school in the South and then the marches. I just never thought I’d see it.

    now I may have lived long enough to see a woman as President. but I may also live long enough to see the biggest asshole get elected and the demise of the U.S.A.

    I do hope Clinton is elected. She has worked at it long and hard enough. She is driven. However, this isn’t over yet and some of us may have to be content with her simply having been a candidate.

    Part of the problem for Clinton maybe she is seen as an elitist. Trump is an elitist but is banging the I’m with you guys drum and some of them are buying it.

    Who ever thought Trump would be the candidate for the Republicans, but he is. Now we wait and if things don’t turn out well, we can kiss our asses good bye, wait for the Generals to stage a revolt, watch the line ups at our border for those wanting refugee status. we can only hope we see Clinton win.

  13. Flapjack says:

    Maybe. But a wise man once said “campaigns matter.”

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