06.12.2016 03:59 PM

Donald Trump speaks. I respond.


  1. Joseph says:

    But somehow I take little comfort in the fact that the FBI had him on their radar.Same as Martin Rouleau here in Canada with the RCMP.What’s keeping them from acting?

    • ottawacon says:

      For better and for worse, civil rights. The thoughts were evident, but there were few actions to move against. The Orlando shooter beat his wife, so maybe there was an opportunity missed there, but even that is slim.

    • Eric Weiss says:

      The law. Civil liberties. We can’t lock up everyone who may be suspected of terrorist sympathies. And we should not be allowed to. That’s the risk we all take for living in a just society and not a police state.

  2. smelter rat says:

    Drumpf has gone off the deep end today. As has Tony Clement.

  3. bluegreenblogger says:

    Didn’t see anything from Clement.

  4. Luke says:

    What an asshole.

  5. davie says:

    Fire arms I have used have been pretty simple.

    For the fire arms that are used by these boys and men who slay so many people, is there any other use for them besides slaying many people?

    • davie says:

      Another thought:
      The ‘stand your ground shooting’ of young Trayvon Martin a few years ago brought attention to Florida gun laws. They have a concealed carry law that allows concealed carry in most places other than public government buildings. Florida does have its share of gun violence.
      The shooter fired shots at people outside the club and was fired on by a lone cop. Then he went inside and shot over a hundred people. He had hostages a short time, and then cops arrived to shoot him. Media tells me that there were over 300 people in that club. It was 2 AM. I find it odd that no one in that club, including bouncers and the rest of the staff carried a gun, or fired back at the shooter.

  6. Wes says:

    Don’t be obtuse. His parents would have been kept out by the ban. News reports cite his father as having pro taliban views. Trump’s ban would have kept his family out. So your position is clearly incorrect

  7. doconnor says:

    If ISIS wants Trump to win, they need to stage a big attack around October or November. But guns are so easy to get in the US all these ISIS inspired free agents are going off too soon.

  8. e.a.f. says:

    Now what was that song you wrote, Donald Trump is an asshole. That just about covers my thought on his tweet/twit.

    People may complain about police organizations having a person on their “radar”, but please remember this is a democracy and police can not arrest people for their thoughts or what they might do unless of course they qualify for conspiracy charges.

    We need to accept shit happens and mentally unstable people exists and if there is insufficient health care to deal with those problems there are repercussions. That will not change regardless of how many laws there are.

    The blame game will now start, but I for one would not participate in it. In a society which has as many guns what else can you expect.

  9. UareThetyranny says:

    Trump has better ideas than you with your appeasement and collaboration with the enemy. It is people like you who brought this to the west. You and your like are responsible.

    The alt-right is rising in response to your treason. The alt-right is rising everywhere… Trump in USA, UKIP in UK, National Front in France, AfD in Germany, PVV in Netherlands, Swedish Democrats in Sweden and more. Alt right parties are being planned in Canada right now.

    No more conservatives.. only the alt-right now to save our people. We’ve been betrayed too many times. The alt-right is the best nationalist policies of both Tories and NDP. We are left and right. We don’t care about bedroom or bathroom social issues, we only care about protecting our people from traitors like you and your foreign allies that rob, rape and kill us… IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES!!!

    You keep demonizing us for trying to defend our people and culture. You will soon find out from the people nominating someone like Trump that this might be the last attempt to do this peacefully. I strongly suspect you will see actual resistance to your Orwellian tyranny if Trump loses.

    Our jobs are shipped overseas with treasonous trade deals and then foreigners brought in by traitors to take the rest (plus vote liberal) and then whites have to go to the end of the line with affirmative action. Then you fill our neighbourhoods with foreigners that hate us, rob us, rape us and kill us.

    People like you keep telling us 2+2=5 with black violence, muslim terrorism, chinese money, indian scammers and so much more… but we can CLEARLY see that 2+2=4 and people like you are starting to CLEARLY look like traitors and enemies.

    There is no where left for white flight. White people are getting scared and white people aren’t used to feeling scared. It makes us get angry and when we get angry, the world shakes. We will have our vengeance, particularly on the people who created this situation. People like you.

    I am not threatening you or anything like that (especially since you might cry). I am just predicting what is going to happen soon, especially if Trump, Brexit, etc loses and we have more terrorism or economic crash. Then the pitchforks and torches will be out… along with the rope.

    • bluegreenblogger says:

      ROFL. Thanks for that little tirade. I needed a good laugh before heading off to work.

    • Étienne says:

      Wealth in this world comes from breaking down barriers and increasing connectivity. You speak of isolation but it will only make you poor and lonely.

      • MikeTO says:

        Very shallow to reduce all to wealth – for man does not live on bread alone and gold means nothing if you haven’t got a home. The alt-right offers brotherhood and something to believe in, what have you got?

        • Étienne says:

          I was thinking of wealth not solely in financial terms. Also in terms of individual relationships, personal growth and opportunities, and all that is encompassed in culture: music, philosophy, entertainment, art… It’s not particularly difficult to find brotherhood and something to believe in. And it’s not necessary to turn to hate and segregation to find them in.

          • MikeTO says:

            Nothing will nourish your soul like knowing and embracing the culture of your ancestors. That is why our aboriginals, who have access to the culture of the world via TV music and text, are dying from the extinguishing of their indigenous roots. That is why second generation immigrants become more radical than their parents. Perhaps you don’t know the culture of your ancestors, perhaps you don’t care, I can’t convince you that it is far more enriching then anything foreign, but maybe time will.
            The alt-right is young, hot and powerful, because it offers an unapologetic voice and path for western men to become who they are.

          • doconnor says:

            MikeTO, doesn’t it concern you when you promotional lines are exactly the same as ISIS’s.

    • davie says:

      What might be a few examples of the culture you are defending?

    • Ron says:

      “Ask your doctor if paxil is right for you.”

      ~ Bill Maher

  10. terence quinn says:

    I think there is the possibility this guy was a sleeper cell for ISIS. They are being beaten everywhere and US drones have been killing their leaders so they have lashed out with even more brutality, senseless unbelievable killings and executions. Look for more attempts of this type of action to happen. The guy caught in LA was going to massacre more gays at the LA gay pride parade.

  11. talltexan says:

    This i a prie example of a FUCKTARD

    1) A special variety of retard whose condition arises not from clinically demonstrable neurological impairment, but from buttersnap shitfuckery of the mind.

    2) An idiot. A moron to the highest degree of being a moron.

    3) When a person, regardless of mental health, is so stupid, they cause hatred and discord in the work-place, living area, or any other space that they occupy.

    4) A person of unbelievable, inexcusable & indescribable stupidity. True Fucktards are 100% responsible for their situation & provide vast entertainment as they are blissfully unaware of their massive Fucktardery. (See Republican)

    h/t The Urban Dictionary

  12. MikeTO says:

    You bring in the 3rd world, you live in the 3rd world – how hard is it to understand?

    • smelter rat says:

      He was born in New York, bozo.

      • MikeTO says:

        I’m sorry, you are right – a mouse born in a nest is a bird and human beings are IN NO WAY WHATSOEVER shaped by their genetics (other then the 99.9% of traits, physiological and behavioral, that are).

  13. MississaugaPeter says:

    If the Paris attacks had occurred 1 month earlier, Trudeau would not be prime minister.

    If there are a couple more Orlandos and Carriers, Trump is president. Next poll has Florida go from purple to red.

  14. the salamander horde says:

    .. ergh .. the ‘creep quotient’ of the Donald is going critical mass. The deranged psychosis of the Orlando killer is just that.. but to a loathsome ignorant arrogant & decaying old egotist like Drumph its a stepping stone.. and an ‘opportunity’ to stroke his self adulation & get more applause from the ignorant. As dementia, gout, pneumonia or Alzheimer inevitably moves on him, it will get louder, more insane or inane.. I see a fading but loud sick man.. who the ignorant see as some sort of political savior.. perhaps its a new religion

  15. Joe says:

    Assuming the latest reports are right Drump, of whom I am not a fan, may be correct on this one. According to the latest reports the American ‘leadership’ decided to stop investigating the killers mosque 5 years ago even though it was linked to several nasty groups. The killer was also under suspicion twice but again the American ‘leadership’ decided it best not to fully investigate.

    • smelter rat says:

      Total bullshit. You need to stop watching Faux News.

      • Joe says:

        Sorry to burst your bubble old rat but I don’t watch fox news or ctv news or cbc news or cnn or msnbc or any other network news program. I spend time searching on both left and right news agencies from around the world through that little miracle called the internet. The reports I was referring to came as the result of some former FBI agents talking to a British publication. I can’t find any corroborating reports so I used the word ‘assuming’ and ‘may’. So please follow the logic – IF indeed those reports are true THEN Trump was more correct than Obama or Clinton in his reaction and in fact American ‘leadership’ needs to get its head out of its nether regions and stop assuming that all we need is another rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine.

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