06.29.2016 03:53 PM

Dumber than a sack of hockey pucks


  1. The Doctor says:

    Dumbest decision by whom? I like both players, but most hockey experts would rate Shea Weber as the better defenceman. There’s a reason why Mike Babcock started Weber as a regular D-man the last two Olympics, while Subban mostly rode the bench at Sochi.

    But another angle is the PR-community involvement angle, and I feel bad for PK and for Habs fans on that front. PK was a tireless ambassador for the Habs, and his charitable and community giving was first-rate. From that perspective, I feel bad about the trade.

    • Bruce A says:

      “PK was a tireless ambassador for the Habs, and his charitable and community giving was first-rate”.

      That’s nice but,

      The guy is overrated.
      There isn’t a camera he doesn’t like and that’s a distraction for everyone.
      He’s too much of a hot dog on offence and isn’t great defensively.
      Worst of all, I don’t see the dedication to win.

      Drew Doughty and Shea Weber are the gold standard, not PK Subban.

      The Canadiens are Weber’s team if he wants them.

  2. Jeff says:

    Don’t knock Shea Weber til you try him.

    Great d-man.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The Canadiens just jumped the shark!

  4. Francis says:

    This is perhaps the best Subban-trade related tweet of the day, maybe even week.

    What a hugely dumb move by Habs to move Subban. I’m not even a Habs fan and I’m stunned by this totally shortsighted decision. It doesn’t make any hockey sense, nor business sense: they just got rid of their most passionate player, the guy who was about the present and future of the team, and brought in a guy who is four years older (while still a fantastic d-man) all for an unnecessary gamble.

    On the western conference side of things, Peter Charelli continues on with his vendetta with top 2010 draft picks. Oilers obviously needed to make a trade but I don’t know if this was the one to make. Oilers definitely getting the shorter end of the stick on this one too. Plus, why are they still holding on to Nail Yakapov? He’s like Tom Mulcair: over hyped, under-performed and still sticking around for some reason (ba dum tst).


    – Nashville
    – Subban: New place, new faces, new adventure and a lot closer to a Cup
    – Shea Weber: New place and back in the Canadian market; could be a refresh opportunity
    – NJ (we’ll see how it works out for Taylor next season)
    – Lightning: for being able to retain Stamkos
    – People who hate the Habs
    – Peter Charelli: for succeeding in his mission to destroy the prospects of whatever team he manages
    – Michel Therrien: I guess it was either him or Subban

    – Canadiens, Montreal and their fans: Subban was a huge part of that city. Unfortunate departure.
    – Oilers and their fans: Because Taylor pretty much got traded for nickels and buttons.
    – Taylor Hall: getting shipped for nothing and going to a team with possibly worse prospects.
    – Carrie Underwood: Has to leave Nashville and probably change her music genre to pop so she can sing with Celine Dion.
    – Marc Bergevin: Who now has to sell this trade to the fanbase pretty hard.

    • Francis says:

      I should add though, both of these teams making questionable trades comes to the delight of this Jets fan who has held disdain for the Habs and resentment for the Oilers.

      So all in all, good day for hockey if you ignore that fact that Las Vegas is getting a new team in yet another attempt by Gary Bettman to establish a Hockey mecca where no disciples exist.

  5. Bill Templeman says:

    More proof that hockey doesn’t matter anymore. Too many trades, players as commodities, like the stock market. Hard to build loyalty on all sides when business models rule to the exclusion of all other factors. That being said, there apparently were problems between Subban and other players in the locker room. Being one of the strongest skaters in the league and an elite player can give one a swollen ego. Also, Therrien has a system that discouraged Subban’s creativity. Sad to see him go, but the trade was inevitable. Bergevin is a very cautious dealer. And before the Internet completely trashes Bergevin, Therrien and David Molson, let us remember that two years ago the Habs finished 2nd in the league, only a few points behind the Rangers. Hard to recall, I know, in light of this past season’s collapse into serial mediocrity.

  6. Ron says:

    It was the dumbest thing since Abe Lincoln said “I’m bored, lets take in a show.”

    (Props to Edmund Blackadder)

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