06.03.2016 08:24 AM

From next week’s column: the second paragraph will be all anyone’s interested in

…their claims to the contrary.  Plus ca change, etc.

“…The above-noted case studies are the three clear exemptions to the Clooney-esque “personal is personal” rule. One: don’t be a hypocrite – the Pat Buchanan Rule. Two: don’t invite people to take a look at your personal life, and then be upset when they do – the Gary Hart Rule. Three: don’t say your private, personal views influence your public duties, and expect people not to care – the Stock Day Rule.

Ottawa, of course, is undeterred. There’s always something “personal” that folks want to push and pull over the line into the “public.” There’s been unseen affidavits allegedly floating around about one party leader, filled with allegedly sordid details. There’s been allegations about an alleged hotel room and a police officer and another party leader, allegedly. There’s been – full disclosure – a former member of the Press Gallery circulating copies of my divorce pleadings, and a senior (and still there!) Liberal staffer doing his utmost to simultaneously cause pain. (That’s not alleged, either – it all happened.)”

Pat Buchanan, Gary Hart, Stockwell Day and George Clooney all in one opinion column! In next week’s Hill Times!


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  1. davie says:

    Reminds me of the comedy bit where the way that tv stations advertise their upcoming news reports is lampooned:

    On the screen is the news anchor, well coiffed, tie and shirt coordinated, looking serious and sincere.
    He says, “Iran!
    More on the News Hour at 10, – 10:30 in Newfoundland and Labrador!”

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