06.13.2016 10:33 PM

I didn’t see this coming


  1. Peter says:

    I’ve come to lament that, when an appalling tragedy like this happens, the Internet isn’t shut down for a mourning period and politicians aren’t muzzled. The rush to fit this horror into political narratives of choice is disheartening and disgraceful. The death count isn’t even complete yet and already (predictable) battle lines have been drawn as to whether to blame Islamic terrorism, religion in general, homophobia, gun control, etc. Something for everybody. Now it appears gay self-hatred may have been a factor and I’m standing by waiting for “experts” and amateur shrinks to point the finger at school bullying. Mother, we urgently need a policy and a “fundamental” shift in something. Trump was appalling and Clinton couldn’t have chosen a worse moment to preach her message of tolerance. The morning after the Luftwaffe flattens Coventry is not the appropriate time to remind everybody that not all Germans are Nazis. Equally dispiriting is the boilerplate mourning of vigils and resounding declarations of solidarity.

    BTW, am I alone in having felt a jolt of rage when Trudeau told us he was “saddened” by Hall’s barbaric execution? That is a reaction of resigned acquiesce more appropriate for a priest than a PM. Ah well, I suppose I should at least be thankful he didn’t add that it was contrary to Canadian values.

    • Nasty Bob says:

      Well the “gay self hatred” may not be such a factor as a guy who got drunk and obnoxious /threatening one too many times . When escorted out for the last time was told he was banned from ever returning and decided to show them he could damn we’ll return if he wanted.

      Sadly, here in YYC we’ve had a few people kicked out of parties or clubs in the last few years who have thought nothing of coming back armed with knives or guns to get even.

      • Peter says:

        Maybe, I’m just reacting to the media’s flavor of the moment. But if there is any substance to the reports he also canvassed a Disney site, I’m having a hard time thinking this can be reduced to an angry bar patron who just happened to have the background he had.

    • PJH says:

      I would only comment on the barbaric execution of Mr. Hall…..At the risk of being an armchair general, I am disappointed that the govt didn’t send in JTF2(with the permission of the Philippine gov’t) in an attempt to save the hostages lives. If the gov’t was firm on not paying ransom…these hostages were condemned to death already. Perhaps the mission would not have been successful, but it would have at least not made the gov’t look impotent. Is that not one of the tasks that elite forces were set up to do?…..Perhaps it would have simply opened up a can of worms, but I hope a military option to save these unfortunate’s lives was considered.

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