06.30.2016 07:32 AM

Obama who?

Here are the top online stories for the major media outlets right now:

  • Globe: Real estate industry in BC
  • Star: billing by doctors
  • Post: mass murder in Texas
  • Sun: Mississauga house explosion 
  • Times: Boris Johnson exits 
  • Any other US media: something stupid Donald Trump said

Rule of thumb: if Ottawa decides something is important, it probably isn’t. 


  1. JH says:

    So true. Punditocracy and Ottawa gang completely ignored by most Canadians. More comment online about PK trade than anything else. And right in the middle of all the media hoopla yesterday. So glad the average citiizen is so much smarter than the hacks.

  2. Peter says:

    Given the viciousness of American and British politics these days, we should be very grateful for Canadian civility, but my goodness, listening to those three yesterday was like overdosing on cotton candy.

  3. Eric Weiss says:

    Obama is a failure lame duck president who did nothing for Canada in his 8 years, and did nothing for the world except not be George W Bush. He got the coverage he deserved.

  4. Carey Miller says:

    I am sure it was fun but I almost overdosed on the word “historic”, so many times did it appear in social media. Especially from the MP’s who made sure to be in Ottawa. To paraphrase a wise swordsman, “I am not sure that means what they think it means.”

  5. PJH says:

    I was overjoyed when President Obama first took office…..I truly believed it was going to be a new era in politics and race relations…….a fulfillment of Dr. King’s dream. Young, intelligent, articulate….giving people hope of a bright future.
    Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out that way…..
    I hope his successor has better luck than he.

    • Ron says:

      If his/her party controls Congress, he/she won’t need any luck.

      It would make for high comedy if Trump won but the House and the Senate went Dem.

      The shoe would well and truly be on the other foot.

  6. JH says:

    2nd rule of thumb
    “how’s that hopey changey tning working out for y’all?”
    Soon to be a Canadian question.

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