06.07.2016 06:58 AM

Radio host Andrew Lawton, pro-Israel Christian, thinks we shouldn’t go after Your Ward News

He thinks it’s chock-full with ideas, apparently. So I sent Andrew some images taken straight from Your Ward News for him to ponder from his free speechie perch.  I’ll let you know when he explains to his fellow church-goers why it’s okay to deposit a picture of Christ raping a woman in hundreds of thousands of mailboxes, okay?

PicFrame PicFrame[1]
PicFrame[2] PicFrame[3]


  1. the salamander hordes says:

    .. any way to access a larger rez file ? This sounds pretty f’d up.. or do I need to go find a copy n get my hands dirty.. ? Or advise on how to expand the graphic file ?

    • Ridiculosity says:

      Drag the image over to your desktop. Click on it. Hit the + button in the top left of the jpg and it will expand to a larger viewing size.

      • Peter says:

        Hmm. Now that we can’t get it in the mail anymore, I wonder how many other people are scrambling to find readable copies online.

  2. bluegreenblogger says:

    Wow. That is far worse than I imagined.

  3. Ron says:

    It seems Johnny Jensen “The Human Jukebox” is an ex-Heritage Front denizen. He must get a lot of requests for
    the Horst-Wessel-Song or Blut muss fließen and the like.

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