06.22.2016 05:30 PM

The graduate

He doesn’t quite look like this, tonight, as he graduates from high school – honour roll, Ontario scholar, all that. Got an offer and scholarship from every single university he applied to. Is going to  some place called McGill, which you may have heard of. 

I don’t care about the awards and all that. I care that he has worked hard, and that he has learned, and that he is a highly ethical and thoughtful young man. 

He still supports Bernie Sanders, but nobody’s perfect. 

Permit his old man to say, however, that he is very proud of him, and will miss him terribly when he leaves for Montreal. 

Time goes fast, Mom and Dad. Seize it. 


  1. Kevin says:

    Hard working, ethical and thoughtful – you (he) won the trifecta. I think all those things are mostly due to upbringing, so you should be very proud right now.

    I wish him all the best. First year uni away from home can be jarring. Some unsolicited advice: consider spending the odd weekend in Montreal doing stuff with him. There are regular trains from Union station to downtown Montreal. Up the escalator and you’re in the lobby of the Queen E hotel, which is a short walk from the McGill campus. A couple of nights in the hotel, some healthy walking and some quality time with your son. What could be better, and more convenient?

  2. davie says:

    I like to congratulate the parent.
    Congrats, parent!

  3. Ray says:

    Congrats to you all – wouldn’t expect anything less.

    And yes, your last point is so very true.

  4. Lyndon Dunkley says:

    Despite the obvious generational connection, keep him out of Foufounes. That place can be very hard on young out of town McGiller’s (#experience).

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