06.07.2016 12:58 PM

Your Ward News: not coming to your mailbox anytime soon

The order:

And some of the coverage here and here and here. More to come. 


  1. Derek Pearce says:

    Well this is a good start. Took long enough. Good on you for playing your part in this WK.

  2. e.a.f. says:

    Read it on the CBC new site. Thank you for participating in this. Had you not written about this, many in other parts of Canada would not have know. there is a difference between satire and what this paper produces, contrary to what the owner says.

    There is a fine line between hate speech and freedom of speech. In my opinion the paper crossed it. I’m sure he will appeal, but some of us will also be here.

    Again thank you .

  3. davie says:

    I looked at this paper on line when you first mentioned it some time ago. It struck me that it is possible these characters want to go to court to test how far they can go.

  4. Jason says:

    Great advocacy work on this, Warren and Lisa.

  5. doconnor says:

    No doubt they have been looking forward to this just as much as you have. Now the lawsuit and the real publicity for their cause begins.

  6. Jt says:

    I find it incredible in this era of political correctness that something like this could continue for so long with all of the objection, not to mention the offensive content. It’s truly astounding. Congrats On this victory after a long campaign. Icing on the cake for a special anniversary.

  7. RDS says:

    Excellent news. Even having it in my mailbox gave my the creeps.

  8. Barbara says:

    Did you listen to “round one” on newstalk1010 this morning? When they discussed this topic, Gerry Agar said he was surprised “The Kinsellas” were behind this action, as they should support free speech. Anyway, I applaud your actions in brining this to people’s attention, and helping to at least cancel Canada post’s role.

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