07.07.2016 07:43 AM

Another day in the US, another black man murdered by another non-black cop


And a new video of the murder of Alton Sterling has come out, this one shot by the convenience store owner in Baton Rouge. The store owner called the shooting of Sterling – who had both arms pinned when police claimed he was reaching for a gun – a “murder,” quote unquote. Because it is.

Why is all this happening? Two more murders of black men by non-black cops in 48 hours in the U.S.: why?


  1. Most non-black cops in the U.S. believe most young black men are gang members.  Period.
  2. There are too many guns in the U.S. Period.

There will be plenty of protests, sure.  But nothing is going to change.  It’s just another day in the United States.

They can’t help themselves.



  1. Ron says:

    Keep it up boys. That is if you want Civil War II.

    And Civil War II would be a race war, the kind that knows no borders. So anyone who
    thinks this doesn’t matter here needs to give their head a shake.

    • nobonusfornonis says:

      If you’re ever in Los Angeles drive out to Watts. Have a good look at what happens when the black man rises up. Never gonna happen; not for long anyway. Come to think of it watch any video from the G20 in Toronto for an example of how the cops and their political masters react to protest or dissent. Those days are long over.

      • smelter rat says:

        I almost agree, but i think the winds are shifting. The state has extreme force capability now, but people will still rise up if pushed far enough.

    • Dan Calda says:

      That is exactly why Trudeau is the right guy at the right time.. as conservatism world wide goes full on racist…his message of inclusion…will be the game changer.

  2. Lynn says:

    It is astounding. Chicago is a daily bloodbath and young black men dying daily all over the country; yet the NRA, the Republicans, and far too many people think that it is somehow “wrong” to reform gun laws. What will it take to inspire change. Who knows at this point.

    I have never understood the need to “defend” yourself against your gov’t and your neighbour…where the hell do you all live that that is required? And if you built a society that encourages this, well, your society is sick.

    I am so sad to see this …every. damn. day.

    • nobonusfornonis says:

      it’s not astounding at all. It’s about money. As long as any “authority” knows that no matter what crime they commit they will continue to get paid nothing will change… whether bureaucrat, politician, or police on “administrative” leave like the cops in this case or furcillo in Toronto.

      when you can’t control the money
      you can’t control the gun
      when you can’t control the gun
      you can’t get anything done.

      you want to change things in a hurry stop paying the motherfuckers. we’re long past the protest and dissent stage.

    • Richard says:

      Lynn, as much as it pains me to me this, nothing will ever change.

      Americans collectively decided that it was tolerable to massacre elementary school children a week before Christmas.

      Once that decision was made, the debate over gun control reform was closed.

    • Maps Onburt says:

      > It is astounding. Chicago is a daily bloodbath

      Except Chicago has the strictest gun laws of any jurisdiction in the US….. agree that the US has a gun problem but if you look at the gun crimes in Chicago, they aren’t from legal guns (with the odd exception of course). Until someone figures out how to siphon up the guns in criminal circulation (that are by definition already illegal), this pointless caterwauling is moot.

  3. nobonusfornonis says:

    “who’ll take away their license to kill.”

    -Bob Dylan

  4. Francis says:

    Add reason 3:

    Cops that are recruited are predominantly emotionally immature, often young, over combat-trained, unequipped with basic psychological capabilities to deal with people and mentally primed for conflict: good vs evil, cops vs robbers and sadly too often, black versus white. I mean, listen to the video and listen to the officer. He’s completely hysterical while the woman in the passenger seat is completely composed.

    The consistency of this problem has become more than just a completely lopsided relationship between police and black people, its now becomes a dangerously dysfunctional system of law enforcement engagement that is aggravated by a cancerous gun problem in the US.

    But, like Warren said, nothings going to change. Its America. They’re too fucking stupid to solve a problem starring them right in the goddamn face.

  5. Kelly says:

    I gave up when Obama laid a wreath at the confederate memorial. By rights he should have taken a leak on it while yelling, “F you, MoFOs…I win.

    Maybe he thought it was a sort of Mandela-like gesture or something. It will be 50 years before there is another African American President. Missed opportunity for a lot of radical changes that could have been.

    Maybe Hillary will be different and she’s just been pandering to get to where she is now. Maybe.

  6. Ian Howard says:

    Do words ever matter?

    Robert F. Kennedy’s Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination Speech – YouTube


  7. nobonusfornonis says:

    the world blew up today
    second time this week
    God threw up and angels wept
    at the slaughter on his streets
    bad news, bad news, bad news.

  8. Eric Weiss says:

    American police are militarized to a shocking degree, and aren’t trained in de-escalation techniques. When you have that kind of mentality, shoot first, ask questions later is the result. Ad a dash of racism, and a swinging dick attitude, this is what you get.

  9. The hyper-militarization of many urban police forces in the USA has happened in lock-step with the ramped-up war on drugs and the neo-liberalization of the economy. The forces that coalesced to bring all of this together are unfortunately rather entrenched. I remain hopeful that we are on a better course here in Canada. That 2nd amendment is a devil.

  10. Pipes says:

    Notwithstanding racism, and the proliferation of guns and gangs, and not to make excuses, but consider as well that many of these first responders are developing a severe case of Trauma Disorder, similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    They may be at a heightened state of awareness all the time, expecting to be shot by a 9 year old, not to mention the human carnage they witness and clean up.

    It is a complicated tragic mess. If I’m right expect more to die as well as multiple suicides.

    The US is so far gone, its hard to imagine anyone, other than the Second Coming, can fix it.

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