07.02.2016 08:46 AM

Did Donald Trump rape a child?

Link here.

Details about past allegations of rape, including from his wifehere.

Who should be under criminal investigation now?


  1. Eric Weiss says:

    Too bad the statute of limitations is past. It would be interesting to see it in criminal court.

    Won’t comment on the accusations against Trump, but his pal Epsein is a genuine POS. But before the Dems get too happy about this, they should remember that Epstein is a pal of her husband too.



  2. lou says:

    Maybe he has longed to be a member of the Kennedy family and tried to cover his bases?

  3. dean sherratt says:

    Crimes and misdemeanors coming to roost during election years are often the least authentic. I’m still waiting for the e-mail imbroglio to result in either charges or dismissal. The AG has not done a very good job handling the file and given the report of the State Department Special Inspector, I keep wondering what more needs to come to light. I’ve despised Trump for some decades now and well before his turn into the political field but wince at those who think that because he is bad that the Clintons are somehow virtuous. There is no cosmic balancing when it comes to USA domestic politics…

  4. MississaugaPeter says:

    Both Clinton and Trump are despicable.

    I really am alarmed how you Warren have such an attachment for Hillary.

    I would understand if you painted her as the better of two evils, but to think that someone as knowledgeable as you enthusiastically support someone who is so unlike Chr├ętien, is really bewildering.

    • Maps Onburt says:

      Right on again Peter. Trump is a turd but to get all excited about Hillary is to be alarmingly blind and deaf. She’s every bit as bad. About all we can hope for now is that they both pick better running mates.

  5. Matt P says:

    Holy shit. When does this become front page news? Why isn’t it?

  6. Joe says:

    What did Bill and Donald both take the Lolita express to fantasy island?

  7. Agagnu says:

    All these comparisons are irrelevant don’t you think.
    It’s about an alleged child rapist getting a pass for the WH
    A child rapist ; let it sink into your psyche.

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