07.20.2016 07:17 AM

“Liar” doesn’t quite cut it anymore. I’d call Trump “Lucifer,” but Ben Carson got there first

Last night’s CBC story, which (after several hours) I figured out how to embed:


  1. Étienne says:

    Trump embodies Colbert’s truthiness.

    • doconnor says:

      On Monday Colbert brought back his character to coin the word Trumpiness, where you no longer have believe the false things, it’s all feeling.

      I think modern-day fascist is still the best description.

  2. R News says:

    Doesn’t it depend on what you mean by the word “is” ? In your lefty world, anyways…

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The trouble with Republicans is that they actually mean every single, solitary, misguided word of their RATform. First-class chumps.

  4. Peter says:

    A big problem here is the absurd length of American presidential campaigns and elections. There comes a point where watching the heads of the media and establishment explode repeatedly is so sweet and addictive that one has to force oneself to step back, go for a walk in the woods and remind oneself how appalling the man truly is.

    • Richard says:

      The corollary to that is that we also get the normalization of his absurd/outlandish/outrageous/false statements. It becomes just another day for him to spew his rhetoric, while those of us who oppose him can only be shocked and aghast so many times.

      I’m still very much hung up on his lies about his charitable giving. I work in the charitable sector. I spend a lot of time interacting with good people who believe in philanthropy and its ability to transform communities. So when I see this (reported) billionaire using veterans and charities as pawns in his game, it disgusts me greatly. The other things that are happening daily still resonate but I continually come back to this point. This is what he said in response to the Washington Post pressing him hard on his failures to fulfill a pledge made publicly to veterans:

      When asked Tuesday whether he had given the money this week only because reporters had been asking about it, Trump responded: “You know, you’re a nasty guy. You’re really a nasty guy. I gave out millions of dollars that I had no obligation to do.” ( https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/05/24/four-months-later-donald-trump-says-he-gave-1-million-to-veterans-group/ )

  5. Sean Samson says:

    Warren, you do excellent media. I’m always surprised by whomever the CBC allows into their office (or wherever) for an interview, never thinks of the frame– nice addition of the three images on the monitors. You managed it very well and won the shot.

    Car crash, nice analogy. Running with that a bit- I fear that he’s going to need to create a series of bigger and bigger car crashes to keep getting attention over the next few months. That’s ugly in itself and really, demographics and the electoral college will deliver the first Ms President. That is unless something like an epic non-Trump, terrorist-created mother-of-all-car-crashes occurs on US soil. In which case, all bets will be off. God help us all.

    Another thing I enjoy watching is the importance of the political hack’s skilled trade coming through– as some have observed, this is the first full-scale test of whether surrounding yourself with experienced hacks actually even matters. For the past year it has not seemed to, Trump “screws up”, still rises in the polls. Coming through to crunch-time now I suspect that his kids and in-law, former golf course superintendents, failed reality show candidates and others from “the Organization” will have trouble learning how to run a camp while, running a campaign.
    I say that as a no-nothing business guy myself who has seen first-hand the capability and impact of good hacks, when they’re doing their thing- it really is a proper skilled trade.

  6. Ted H says:

    Thank God that it is only every four years that we are subjected to “The Assholes on Parade Spectacular” otherwise known as the Republican Convention. What a bunch of total know nothings.

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